FireDaemon Zero 2.0.7 RTM Now Available

Last Updated: April 19, 2018

FireDaemon Zero 2 is a major update of our Session 0 Viewer product.

New Features

  • Product has been renamed from Session 0 Viewer to Zero
  • Updated installer graphics and icons
  • Updated Start Menu resource links
  • Zero Shell task bar is resizable. Size and location is remembered.
  • FireDaemon Restore aware (you can check via FDUI0Control query --fdui0input-state)
  • Maximised windows are returned to their maximised state when restored from their entry in Zero Shell
  • You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the Zero Shell application list
  • New licensing scheme (sorry your 1.X license won't work with this new version - see below)
  • Zero Shell lists the Windows services associated with the process running on Session 0
  • New extensive command line help: FDUI0Control --help
  • Version checking
  • Zero is DPI aware on your logged in session as well as Session 0
  • Audit logging of users taking control of and kicking other users out of Session 0
  • Can be installed on Server Core to provide a basic Windows Explorer like experience.

Work In Progress

  • Desktop switching hot key
  • Online manual

License Keys

All existing customers with a valid Software Assurance Subscription are entitled to the upgrade. Contact us to obtain your upgrade license key.


FireDaemon Zero x86 2.0.7 RTM

For 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

April 2018

FireDaemon Zero x64 2.0.7 RTM

For 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

April 2018

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback gratefully received!


Below is Zero in action! Interactive services are installed with FireDaemon Pro 4. Session 0 keyboard and mouse control handled by FireDaemon Restore.

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