Installing FireDaemon Fusion

FireDaemon Fusion is a standalone software product. Before purchasing a license, you can use the fully functional trial version for 30 days. The FireDaemon Fusion installer is supplied as an executable file (.exe) with two different versions - one is for 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, the other is for 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The name of the 32-bit installer file is FireDaemon-Fusion-x86-6.5.NN.exe. The name of the 64-bit installer file is FireDaemon-Fusion-x64-6.5.NN.exe (in both cases, NN is the minor version number of the v6.5 release).

The FireDaemon Fusion retail installer can be downloaded from the FireDaemon website. Please review the FireDaemon Fusion Compatibility and Support Matrix prior to attempting to install FireDaemon Fusion.

Installing FireDaemon Fusion

  1. Double-click the downloaded installer executable file.
  2. Click Yes to allow the installer to run.

    The installation wizard begins by displaying the Welcome page.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer Welcome page

  3. Click the Next button to begin the installation.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer License Agreement
  4. Read the license agreement carefully and select the option to accept the terms in the license agreement.
    The Next button will then be enabled.

  5. Click the Next button.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer README
  6. Review the README information.
    Note: This README contains particularly important information if you are updating FireDaemon Fusion from an older version.
  7. Click the Next button.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer Destination Folder
  8. Select the folder to install FireDaemon Fusion.
    Note: Do not select a folder on a network drive.
  9. (Optional) Click the Change button to select a different destination folder for the installation.
  10. Click the Next button.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer Ready page
  11. If required, click the Back button to ensure that you have selected the required options.

  12. Click the Install button to begin the installation.

    FireDaemon Fusion installer progress bar
  13. After a few moments, the Installation Completed message appears.

    FireDaemon Fusion - successful installation page

  14. Select the required option on the page to perform any post-installation activities:
    • Select the Launch Fusion URL checkbox to launch FireDaemon Fusion Service Manager.
    • Select the Show the Windows Installer Log checkbox to view the Windows Installer log.

  15. Click the Finish button to close the installation Wizard.