The table below summarises Microsoft Windows, FireDaemon Zero and FireDaemon ZeroInput compatibility and recommended deployment combinations. Not all Windows operating systems are supported. Microsoft has removed access to Session 0 on certain versions of Microsoft Windows (e.g. Server Core).

Operating System VersionIs Zero Supported?Is The UI0Detect Service Present?Can I Deploy Zero?Do I Need To Create The UI0Detect Service?Can I Deploy ZeroInput?
Windows VistaNoYesNoNoNo
Server 2008NoYesNoNoNo
Windows 7YesYesYesNoNo
Server 2008 R2YesYesYesNoNo
Windows 8YesYesYesNoNo
Server 2012YesYesYesNoNo
Windows 8.1YesYesYesNoNo
Server 2012 R2YesYesYesNoNo
Windows 10 < 1803* **YesYesYesNoYes
Windows 10 >= 1803*YesNoYesNo***Yes
Server 2016YesYesYesNoYes
Server 2019YesNoYesNo***Yes
All Server Core variantsNoNoNoNoNo
All Container variants

* The UI0Detect Service (Interactive Services Detection) has been removed from Windows 10 1803 or later and Server 2019

** The UI0Detect Service is preserved if FireDaemon Zero was deployed on Windows 10 1709 or earlier which is then upgraded to Windows 10 1803 or later

*** The FireDaemon Zero installer will create the UI0Detect service