Certify One 1.0.7 SSL / TLS Certificate Validator

Certify One SSL / TLS Validator

Certify One is a program designed to help you validate SSL / TLS certificate chains. Why would you want such a utility? In recent years, browsers have become much stricter in regard to handling SSL / TLS certificates. For example, all major browsers will warn or even block access to sites where the SSL / TLS certificate is expired, self-signed, or revoked. Similarly, access may be blocked if the certificate chain of trust (e.g. root CA or intermediate certificates) is incorrect, certificates in the chain of trust are missing, or have been revoked. Hence, it's important to be able to audit the validity of certificates, certificate chains and test whether certificates have been revoked. For more information please see the Certify One product page.

1. Download

Certify One 1.0.7 Beta

For x64 and ARM64EC Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

October 2021

2. Installation

Once you have downloaded the installer, double click the installer and follow the installer instructions.

3. Using Certify One

Populate the list of Scan Targets. Then click the "Scan All" button. You can also Schedule scans. If you double click on any host you will be provided detailed scan information.

Certify One Scan Targets

After your scans have been completed the dashboard will give you a graphical summary of the tests on the Dashboard.

Certify One Dashboard

You can test Certify One with valid, expired, and revoked certificates via ssl.com.

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

We are actively developing Certify One. Tell us what you think! Let us know what features you would like to see in the product. All feedback is gratefully received!