FireDaemon Certify One Changelog

N: New I: Improvement F: Fix

* 4.0.8 May 2024
  I Updated to OpenSSL 3.3.0
  F Incorrect NTFS ACLs emitted by the installer

* 4.0.7 August 2023
   I Updated toolchain
   I Updated to OpenSSL 3.1.2

* 4.0.6 January 2023
  I Independent of Visual C++ Runtime
  I Support for Windows 11 snap menu layout
  I Expiring Leaf Certificates graph automatically updated
  I Split the details pane into multiple tabs
  F Delete toolbar button did not highlight

* 4.0.5 January 2023
  F Progress throbber was not hidden after deleting scan targets

* 4.0.4 December 2022
  N View historical scan results
  N Tray icon is white when the operating system dark theme is active
  I Progress indicator when scanning targets
  I Installer updates (corrected contact information, removed README)
  F Scan Results History showed the last 31-days instead of the last scan results
  F Scan Results History graph was redrawn when GUI was moved
  F About menu item navigated to the wrong tab
  F Application database was installed in the wrong folder
  F Same host scan targets on different ports was not handled properly

* 4.0.3 November 2022
  N Horizontal scrollbars!
  N If there is no active network available, manual scans do not occur, and scheduled scans are skipped
  I Renamed graphs to "Scan Result History" and "Certificates by Issuer"
  I Scan Result History graph shows results per scan rather than the last scan per day
  I Toolchain update
  I Digital signature update
  I OpenSSL 3.0.7 update

* 4.0.0-4.0.2 September 2022
  N DNS queries included in scan results
  N Scan log pane expanded to include three scan output columns
  N Import / Export targets to CSV
  N Clear all scan results on a per target or all targets basis
  N Extracted more information regarding the leaf certificate including Subject Alternative Name
  I Replaced installer, update entire tool chain and all components including OpenSSL 3.0.5
  F Certificate History graph would stop updating after a few schedules.

* 3.1.3-3.1.4 June 2022
  N Retry on renegotiation errors, show as warning (yellow stats)
  N Display SSL non-fatal errors in general as a warning (yellow stats)
  I Retain Global Settings on upgrade
  I Strip protocol from host name when entered or pasted into the scan target configuration
  I Properly close C1 UI before upgrading

* 3.1.0-3.1.2 June 2022
  N Scanning now includes all endpoints by default
  N Show Results and Show Scan Targets view
  I Improved GUI layout to compensate for multiple endpoint scanning
  I Improved email report layout
  I Font size in Scan Log was a bit small

* 3.0.1 May 2022
  N Scan timestamp displayed in hover tooltip and scan log
  I Updated to OpenSSL 3.0.3

* 3.0.0 April 2022
  N Rebranded to FireDaemon Certify One
  N Ability to disable a scan target (i.e. excluded when scanning all targets)
  N Ability to run a first scan after clean install or upgrade
  N Options dialog includes version checking
  N Requires a new license key
  I Product runs in 30-day trial mode instead of 7-day
  I Resized "support" link field in Software Summary section
  I Newly added scan target gets automatically selected
  I Description field removed
  I Port is now configured and displayed separate from host name
  I Additional columns in scan target list: TLS protocol version and cipher
  I Ability to configure version check
  I Tooltip when hovering over a scan target
  F Fixed blank scan target list while sending notifications
  F Verifying certificates of a chain now logs their subjects correctly instead of repeating only the leaf certificate's subject

* 2.1.1 March 2022
  N Scan Result includes TLS session details (e.g. protocol, cipher, etc.)
  I Updated to OpenSSL 3.0.2

* 2.1.0 March 2022
  N Options dialog includes email relay options
  N Scan report - can be sent at the end of each manual or scheduled scan

* 2.0.2 February 2022
  N "Wait cursor" and animated tray icon when product is scanning
  I Updated icons
  F Could not quit product when scanning was in progress
  F Product could not be run in read-only mode when expired
  F Removed version number on landing page

* 2.0.1 December 2021
  N Landing page when running in trial mode
  N System Tray notification after scanning targets when minimised
  N Notification on first run regarding running in background
  N Installer creates a desktop icon by default
  N Scan target list recognises license changes
  I Deploying OpenSSL 3.0.1
  F Corrected size and position of controls on installation dialogs
  F Correctly display a perpetual license in the GUI
  F Certify One UI closed when installing / upgrading
  F Corrected display of Certificates by CA chart
  F Certificate History chart was back to front
  F Infinite restart when schedule's activity is in the future
  F Clicking on dashboard charts sometimes didn't work

* 2.0.0 December 2021
  N Filter by 'Certificates by CA', 'Certificate Status', 'Expiring Leaf Certificates' when clicking on charts data points
  N Toolchain upgrade (Visual C++ 2022, InstallShield 2021)
  N Installer launches Certify One by default at end of installation
  N Added README to installer
  I De-clutter 'Certificate History' chart by making it scrollable
  I Consistent RFC822 date/time formatting in the UI
  I Right-aligned date columns 'Checked At', 'Valid Until'
  F Corrected tooltip text for scan target list

* 1.0.10 November 2021
  N Installer creates log file by default
  N SSLClient.exe can query DNS CAA records
  I Can launch Certify One at the end of the installation
  F Set column alignment and default column widths on the first run

* 1.0.9 November 2021
  N Added various service types
  N Ability to register the product and print the license via cmdline
  N 7-day trial period (instead of time bomb)
  N Installer README
  N Certificate aging graph
  I Upgraded sqlite_orm library to internal version
  I License dialog is now using the executable's icon
  I Made service types uppercase
  I Show failing certificate in top text field of scan log dialog
  I Display verification error in top text field of scan log dialog
  I Ctrl-A to select all text in scan log dialog
  I Showing scan targets instead of dashboard when no scan target entry is present yet
  I Database now deployed with one host entry and scan result
  I Made scan log dialog resizable
  I Remove 'check crl' column
  F License dialog is now showing correct product name
  F Crash on premature SSL communication errors
  F Generic SSL error text is no longer displayed in scan log dialog before running a scan
  F Fixed a crash when there's no verifiable certificate chain available
  F 0 values hidden in history chart

* 1.0.8 October 2021
  N Certificate chains of each scan stored
  N Dashboard shows graph of leaf certificate issuers   
  N View the certificate chain and leaf certificate in system context
  N Added column showing a leaf certificate’s ‘not valid after’ date
  N Ability to add multiple hosts in one go
  I Renamed the column “OK” -> “Valid”
  F Empty hostnames are rejected

* 1.0.7 October 2021
  N Products runs from the system tray

* 1.0.6 October 2021
  N Specific targets can be scanned
  I Ships with FireDaemon OpenSSL 3.0.0
  I Displays OpenSSL in the ‘credits’ view
  I New SECTIGO code signing certificate
  I Print and log certificate validity periods
  F Null-terminating logged expiration date