After switching to Session 0, the Zero Task Tray is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can double click on the FireDaemon Zero icon in the lower-left corner of the tray to return to the user's normal logged-in session. You can right-click on the FireDaemon Zero icon to see the FireDaemon Zero popup menu.

The FireDaemon Zero Tray app at the bottom of the screen displays the list of applications that are currently displayed on Session 0. Click the down-arrow icon at the left edge to minimize the taskbar and applications list. Click on any of the applications listed in the taskbar to restore that application’s window and bring it to the front of the notification area. The list of applications contains three columns:

  • Application icon
  • Service name (this is the name of the parent service where the SID Type = unrestricted or restricted, otherwise, the parent service will name be blank)
  • Application name as taken from the application's window title

The screenshot below shows FireDaemon Zero in action. The main windows of two interactive services are visible (Winver and Notepad), together with the FireDaemon Zero About dialog box and the FireDaemon Zero Options (Global Preferences) control panel. The FireDaemon Zero popup menu and Task Tray are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

FireDaemon Zero and FireDaemon ZeroInput running on Session 0