FireDaemon Pro 3 to Pro 4 Service Migration Guide


Welcome to our FireDaemon Pro 3 to Pro 4 Service Migration Guide! Please read the guide carefully to ensure a smooth upgrade from FireDaemon Pro 3 to FireDaemon Pro 4.

Why do I have to migrate my FireDaemon Pro services manually?

Our goal is to ensure that you are in control of the migration process. Additionally, there are four reasons why we want you to perform the migration:

  1. To avoid any interruption to any existing installed and running FireDaemon Pro services.
  2. To avoid the scenario where you might install Pro 4 and not have a license for the product leaving you in a situation where your services have been migrated to FireDaemon Pro 4 running in 30-day trial mode.
  3. That some earlier versions of FireDaemon service running products are simply incompatible with FireDaemon Pro 4 and cannot be migrated
  4. That some FireDaemon Pro 3 service configuration items cannot be migrated either (e.g. service account passwords). You will need to re-apply those settings under FireDaemon Pro 4.

Step 1: Obtain a FireDaemon Pro 4 license key

Your FireDaemon Pro 3 license key will NOT work with FireDaemon Pro 4. Please see the release notes on how to obtain a new license key.

Step 2: Schedule your upgrade window

Please allocate at least 30-minutes to the upgrade process. If you have important or mission-critical applications running under FireDaemon Pro, you will experience downtime while you migrate your services. Please plan for this.

Step 3: Backup! Backup! Backup! Prepare your rollback plan

Yes, seriously. Backup your existing FireDaemon Pro service definitions, backup your machine or take a snapshot of your VM. You should have a solid rollback plan in place to ensure you can fully restore should something go wrong.

Step 4: Confirm you actually have FireDaemon Pro 3 installed

You can only upgrade from FireDaemon Pro 3 to FireDaemon Pro 4. If you have FireDaemon 0, FireDaemon Pro or Lite 1 or FireDaemon Trinity installed - there is no upgrade path to FireDaemon Pro 4. You will need to manually re-create your services under FireDaemon Pro 4.

Step 5: Ensure you have the latest version of Pro 3 installed

Make sure you have the latest version of FireDaemon Pro 3 installed. Run FireDaemon Pro 3 and go to the Help - About menu item. You should see the product version information in the "About FireDaemon Pro" dialog box per the screenshot below. The upgrade is free and will work with your existing FireDaemon Pro 3 license key. You can download the final version of FireDaemon Pro 3 here. Please ensure you read the FireDaemon Pro 3 upgrade notes very carefully ensuring you complete a "like for like upgrade". For successful service migration, you will need at least FireDaemon Pro 3.10 installed. Once you have upgraded move onto the next step.

Step 6: Install Pro 4 and apply your new license key

You can download FireDaemon Pro 4 here. FireDaemon Pro 4 will be installed side by side FireDaemon Pro 3. This is intentional as we don't want to disrupt running FireDaemon Pro 3 services. Once you have installed Pro 4, please ensure you apply your new FireDaemon Pro 4 license key.

Step 7: Export your FireDaemon Pro 3 service definitions

Per the screenshot below export your service definitions by simply dragging and dropping them onto your desktop. Alternately, you can go to the Service menu in the FireDaemon Pro GUI and choose "Export All".

Step 8: Stop your FireDaemon Pro 3 services

Per the screenshot below, click the "Stop All" button to stop all of your running FireDaemon Pro services.

Step 9: Uninstall Your FireDaemon Pro 3 Services

Per the screenshot below, click the "Uninstall All" button to delete your FireDaemon Pro 3 services.

Step 10: Import Your FireDaemon Pro 3 Services Into FireDaemon Pro 4

Now start FireDaemon Pro 4. Per the screenshot below, click the "+" button to create a new FireDaemon Pro 4 service.

Now import your service definition XML file by clicking on the "Open Service Definition" button. A File Open dialog will popup. Choose one of the service definition XML files you exported previously.

After you have chosen your service definition XML file, click OK to load it. The service definition will load per the screenshot below:

Per the screenshot below, if your service is being run under a specific user account you will now need to enter that user account password in the Settings tab.

Lastly click the "tick" to install your service.

Your service should now be installed and running.

Step 11: Uninstall FireDaemon Pro 3

Once you have verified that your FireDaemon Pro 4 services are running correctly you can uninstall FireDaemon Pro 3 via Programs and Features.