You have exported XML Service Definition Files from an earlier version of FireDaemon Pro (eg. 3.7) and are now trying to import them into a more recent version of FireDaemon Pro (e.g. FireDaemon Pro 5).

Error Message

You may see an error message similar to below when attempting to import the legacy service configuration XML into later versions of FireDaemon Pro:



In earlier versions of FireDaemon Pro up to 3.9, the generated service configuration XML was syntactically incorrect. A comment in the XML file was placed outside of the XML declaration. This was resolved in FireDaemon Pro 3.10. Hence, service configuration XML files exported in versions before FireDaemon Pro 3.10 will not import without a slight modification.


To successfully import the FireDaemon Pro Service Definition XML file simply edit the .xml file with your favourite XML-aware text editor and remove the XML comment on the first line of the file as highlighted in the screenshot below along with any blank lines. Save the file and then attempt to re-import the Service Definition XML via the FireDaemon Pro GUI or command line.