Run Icarus Dedicated Server as a Windows Service with FireDaemon Pro

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Icarus is a session-based survival video game. You can set up and run the Icarus Dedicated Server component as a Windows service with FireDaemon Pro. You can also use FireDaemon Pro to schedule updates to the dedicated server.

Download, Install, and Update SteamCMD

Download SteamCMD. Unpack the contents of the ZIP file into C:\SteamCMD. Then open an elevated Command Prompt (WIN+X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) or Terminal (Admin)), then copy/paste:

cd /D C:\SteamCMD
:: This updates SteamCMD
.\steamcmd +quit

Download and Install Icarus Dedicated Server

At the same Command Prompt, copy/paste the following to download and install Icarus Dedicated Server. The dedicated server is installed into C:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server:

:: This command downloads the Icarus Dedicated Server component from Steam
.\steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 2089300 validate +quit

Download and Install DirectX

Download and install DirectX End-User Runtime from Microsoft.

Download, Install, and Run FireDaemon Pro

Download and install FireDaemon Pro. Once the installation has been completed, double-click the FireDaemon Pro icon on your desktop to launch the FireDaemon Pro GUI.

Setup the Icarus Dedicated Server FireDaemon Pro Windows Service

In the FireDaemon Pro GUI type Ctrl+N to create a new service per the screenshot below then click the "tick" button to install the service. The FireDaemon Pro services will be installed and the Icarus Dedicated Server should now be running.

FireDaemon Pro Icarus Dedicated Server service configuration

Service NameIcarus Dedicated Server
Display NameIcarus Dedicated Server
Startup TypeAutomatic (Delayed Start)
ProgramC:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server\Icarus\Binaries\Win64\IcarusServer-Win64-Shipping.exe
Working DirectoryC:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server
Parameters-SteamServerName="My Icarus Server" -port=17778 -QueryPort=27050 -ABSLOG="C:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server\Icarus\Binaries\Win64\logs\Icarus.log" -maxplayers=8 -Multihome=<aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd> -JoinPassword=<password>

Change <aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd> to your preferred IP address assigned to your computer
Change <password> to your preferred password

Please refer to the complete list of Icarus Dedicated Server command line options.
TypeAlways Running Program

Setup a Scheduled FireDaemon Pro Service to Update Icarus Dedicated Server

Create a batch file called UpdateIcarus.cmd in the folder C:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server containing the following lines:

@echo off

:: Stop the FireDaemon Pro service
sc stop "Icarus Dedicated Server"

:: Change directory to SteamCMD
cd /D C:\SteamCMD

:: Update Icarus Dedicated Server
.\steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 2089300 validate +quit

:: Start the FireDaemon Pro service
sc start "Icarus Dedicated Server"

Open the FireDaemon Pro GUI. Type Ctrl+N to create a new service as follows:

FireDaemon Pro Update Icarus Dedicated Server configuration

Service NameUpdate Icarus Dedicated Server
Display NameUpdate Icarus Dedicated Server
Startup TypeAutomatic (Delayed Start)
ProgramC:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server\UpdateIcarus.cmd
Working DirectoryC:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Icarus Dedicated Server
Self Completing Task

Then create a schedule via the FireDaemon Pro Scheduling tab per the screenshot below to update Icarus Dedicated Server. Click the "+" button to create a new schedule. Note that your dedicated server will be shut down for the duration of the update. Change the Start Time of the schedule to a time that suits you. You can also create multiple schedules. Click the "tick" button, the service will be installed, and the batch file will be scheduled to be run at the time nominated in the schedule.

FireDaemon Pro Update Icarus Dedicated Server schedule configuration

And that's it! You should now have two FireDaemon Pro services set up and running. One runs the Icarus Dedicated Server, the second runs the update script periodically. Your FireDaemon Pro GUI should look similar to the following once both services are installed:

Icarus Dedicated Server and update Windows services running under FireDaemon Pro