Certify One Change Log

Certify One Change Log
N: New I: Improvement F: Fix

* 1.0.10 November 2021
  N Installer creates log file by default
  N SSLClient.exe can query DNS CAA records
  I Can launch Certify One at the end of the installation
  F Set column alignment and default column widths on the first run

* 1.0.9 November 2021
  N Added various service types
  N Ability to register the product and print the license via cmdline
  N 7-day trial period (instead of time bomb)
  N Installer README
  N Certificate aging graph
  I Upgraded sqlite_orm library to internal version
  I License dialog is now using the executable's icon
  I Made service types uppercase
  I Show failing certificate in top text field of scan log dialog
  I Display verification error in top text field of scan log dialog
  I Ctrl-A to select all text in scan log dialog
  I Showing scan targets instead of dashboard when no scan target entry is present yet
  I Database now deployed with one host entry and scan result
  I Made scan log dialog resizable
  I Remove 'check crl' column
  F License dialog is now showing correct product name
  F Crash on premature SSL communication errors
  F Generic SSL error text is no longer displayed in scan log dialog before running a scan
  F Fixed a crash when there's no verifiable certificate chain available
  F 0 values hidden in history chart

* 1.0.8 October 2021
  N Certificate chains of each scan stored
  N Dashboard shows graph of leaf certificate issuers   
  N View the certificate chain and leaf certificate in system context
  N Added column showing a leaf certificate’s ‘not valid after’ date
  N Ability to add multiple hosts in one go
  I Renamed the column “OK” -> “Valid”
  F Empty hostnames are rejected

* 1.0.7 October 2021
  N Products runs from the system tray

* 1.0.6 October 2021
  N Specific targets can be scanned
  I Ships with FireDaemon OpenSSL 3.0.0
  I Displays OpenSSL in the ‘credits’ view
  I New SECTIGO code signing certificate
  I Print and log certificate validity periods
  F Null-terminating logged expiration date