FireDaemon Fusion 6 OEM Installation and Configuration

FireDaemon Fusion OEM (FFO) is a variant of FireDaemon Fusion specifically designed for use by systems integrators or value-added resellers who wish to bundle FireDaemon Fusion with their product or platform.  FFO is designed to be included in third-party installers or used in conjunction with scripts. FFO is a super-set of FireDaemon Fusion. The key difference is that no Serial Number Name or Serial Number is required for installation


FFO is distributed as a ZIP file. No .EXE or .MSI installer is shipped with the product. The ZIP file contains 32-bit and 64-bit EXEs and DLLs, Visual C++ Runtimes, configuration files and web page content (HTML, images, Javascript files etc.). The top-level contents of the ZIP file are below.

FireDaemon Fusion OEM ZIP file contents

Installation Fast Track

You would typically automate this process.

Step 1: Patch Windows

Ensure that Microsoft Windows is fully patched. All Windows updates should be applied.

Step 2: Deploy Binaries

Note that the 32-bit version of FFO is not supported on 64-bit Windows systems. The 32-bit (x86) version must only be deployed on 32-bit (x86) operating systems and the 64-bit (x64) version must only be deployed on 64-bit (x64) operating systems. Then:

  • Log in to the computer as a local or domain administrator
  • Unpack the FFO ZIP file to a temporary folder
  • Create a target installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM)
  • Copy the following items from the unpacked ZIP file to C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM as follows:
    1. the full contents of either the folder named x86 (32-bit) or the folder named x64 (64-bit)
    2. the full contents of the folder named common (namely the webapp and configuration subfolders)
  • Install the 32-bit Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (vc_redist.x86.exe) on 32-bit (x86) systems or install the 64-bit Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (vc_redist.x64.exe) runtime on 64-bit (x64) systems.

The target installation folder (C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM) should now be as follows:

FireDaemon Fusion OEM target installation folder contents

Step 3: Configure Product and Run

Open an elevated command prompt and type the following.

cd "C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM"
fusioncontrol configure
fusioncontrol service create_start

FFO should now be running and ready for login.

Note: If FFO is installed on a system that has both FireDaemon Pro OEM services and FireDaemon Pro (retail) services installed, it will enumerate and display the FireDaemon Pro OEM services. 

Installing FFO Alongside Other Versions of FireDaemon Fusion

In order to avoid conflicts with current or future FireDaemon Fusion installations, FFO should never be installed on the same system as the retail version of FireDaemon Fusion.

FFO Command-Line Options

The FFO command-line installation options can be used to customise your FFO installation. Here is an example:

"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM\fusioncontrol.exe"
configure --product-name "FireDaemon Fusion OEM" --product-short-name "Fusion"

The command-line options are case sensitive and are described below:

configure [--product-name "name"] [--product-short-name "short"]Instructs FFO to set up the product registry keys.

The following optional parameters are available:
  • --product-name  This is the full name of the product. If not set, it will default to "FireDaemon Fusion OEM". This string is displayed in the title bar of the main GUI window and various other places, including the command line and logs.
  • --product-short-name  This is an abbreviated name of the product. If not set, it will default to "Fusion". This string is displayed in various messages and dialog boxes.
control <start|stop|restart>Performs a control action on the FFO service.

The following control actions are available:
  • start Starts the FireDaemon Fusion OEM service.
  • stop Stops the FireDaemon Fusion OEM service.
  • restart Stops and then starts the FireDaemon Fusion OEM service.
deconfigureRemoves all FFO product registry entries.

Note: Before using this option, the FireDaemon Fusion OEM service must be stopped and uninstalled.
Displays the command-line help options.
help [subcommand ...]Displays the help message for one or more subcommands.
license [print]Displays the registered licensee details.
service <create|delete|create_start|stop_delete>Performs an action on the FFO service.

The following actions are available:
  • create Creates the FFO service on the system.
  • delete Removes the FFO service from the system.
  • create_start Creates and immediately starts the FFO service
  • stop_delete Stops and then removes the FFO service from the system.
Displays the version details of the FireDaemon Fusion program.
password <user> <password>
Creates or resets the password for a specific FireDaemon Fusion user.

Registry Keys

When deploying FFO, the following registry keys will be created. These registry keys are created automatically by FFO and should not be created manually.

Product Registry Keys

HKLM\SOFTWARE\FireDaemon Technologies\FireDaemon Fusion OEM
InitiallyConfiguredREG_SZTimestamp when the product was initially configured
InstallationDirREG_SZC:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM
LastConfiguredREG_SZTimestamp when the product was last configured or reconfigured
ProductNameREG_SZFireDaemon Fusion OEM

FireDaemon Fusion OEM Service

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FireDaemon Fusion OEM
DescriptionREG_SZAllows managing FireDaemon Pro and Windows Services from your browser.
DisplayNameREG_SZFireDaemon Fusion OEM
ImagePathREG_EXPAND_SZ"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM\FireDaemonFusion.exe"
StartREG_DWORD2 (Automatic)
TypeREG_DWORD16 (0x10)

Uninstalling FFO

To fully uninstall FFO, open an elevated command prompt and run the following commands:

cd "C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Fusion OEM"
fusioncontrol service stop_delete
fusioncontrol deconfigure
cd ..
rmdir /s /q "FireDaemon Fusion OEM"

Theming and Branding FFO

Simple FFO theme and brand changes can, to a limited extent, be achieved through careful modification of the fusion-oem-ui.css file that is stored in the \webapp\sstatic\css\ folder. Settings in this file will override the standard FireDaemon theme and brand settings upon start-up.

Alternatively, commercial services are available to FireDaemon customers who require FireDaemon Fusion or Fusion OEM to be re-themed or re-branded. For more information and pricing, please contact FireDaemon Sales and Support.

Note:  Copyright notices and version numbers cannot be modified or removed, nor can the registry keys or digital signatures of the executables be modified.

What to Redistribute?

The following files should be minimally included in your installer or deployed on your platform. They must all reside in the same directory:

FFO service and control programs
FFO core shared libraries
FFO 64-bit third-party shared libraries
FFO 32-bit third-party shared libraries
configuration (Folder)FFO config files
hard-wired configuration (Folder)FFO config files
webapp (Folder)FFO web page content 

FFO also requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.  The Visual C++ runtime redistributable packages are included in the ZIP file or they can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

License Restrictions

The FireDaemon End User License Agreement allows the licensee to redistribute FFO royalty-free as part of a product or platform. It is prohibited for FFO to be redistributed or sold as a standalone product or to be made available for public download.