Running FireDaemon daeMON as a FireDaemon Pro service is straightforward. Firstly, download FireDaemon Pro from the FireDaemon website and install it on your system. Then create a daeMON monitoring service by following the steps below. A separate daeMON monitoring service is needed for each service or group of services to be monitored.

  1. On the Program tab, set up FireDaemon Pro to run daeMON-x64.exe (or daeMON-x86.exe for 32-bit Windows) with the appropriate parameters.

    Remember to set the FireDaemon Pro -> Program -> Parameters correctly. You will need to specify arguments to specify what services you want daeMON to monitor. For more information about the daeMON command-line parameters, see Using FireDaemon daeMON.

    daeMON service definition Program tab
  2. On the Settings tab, clear the Interact with Desktop checkbox (or, to see daeMON running, leave the setting enabled).

    daeMON service definition Settings tab
  3. On the Lifecycle tab, select Forceful Termination in the Shutdown By field.

    daeMON service definition Lifecycle tab

  4. On the toolbar, click Save or Save and Close button to save the new daeMON service definition. The daeMON service is added in the services list.

    Services list including daeMON
  5. Hover the mouse pointer on the service, then click the Restart icon to start daeMON as the FireDaemon service.

Monitoring Remote FireDaemon Pro Services

To monitor remote FireDaemon Pro services effectively, ensure that the Upon Program Exit option on the Lifecycle tab is set to Ignore or Stop FireDaemon service.

daeMON service definition remote monitoring

If the remote service fails for any reason, FireDaemon Pro will shut down, and daeMON will detect that the remote service has stopped. daeMON will restart the service again.


For two specific examples of using FireDaemon daeMON to monitor services, see the Knowledge Base articles on monitoring SRCDS and monitoring MySQL.