Installing FireDaemon Zero in Silent Mode

You can install FireDaemon Zero silently via the command line. To do this, open a command prompt with administrator rights and navigate to the folder where the FireDaemon Zero setup executable has been downloaded.

Run the following command:

FireDaemon-Zero.exe /s /v"/qn"

Optional parameters are available to specify an installation log file location, and also the target installation location. Be careful to escape any nested double-quote characters within these parameters.

For example:

FireDaemon-Zero.exe /s /v"/qn /l C:\zero-install.log INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Zero\""

Registering FireDaemon Zero in Silent Mode

After completing a silent installation of FireDaemon Zero, the product can be registered using the following command:

FDUI0Control register "<serial number name>" "<serial number>"

Installing and Registering FireDaemon Zero in One Command

Alternatively, FireDaemon Zero can be silently installed and registered in one single command:

FireDaemon-Zero.exe /s /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Zero\" SERIALNUMBERNAME=\"<serial number name>\" SERIALNUMBER=<serial-number>"

Specifying Additional Preferences via the Installer

FireDaemon Zero provides additional preferences that can be specified to the FireDaemon Zero installer at installation time.

For example:


Preferences can also be specified to the FDUI0Control command-line interface using the following command (for further details, please refer to FireDaemon Zero Command Line)

FDUI0Control set-preference <options>

Below are the preferences that can be specified as parameters to the FireDaemon Zero installer:

The directory into which FireDaemon Zero is installed. Default value is: \"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Zero\"
The option to enable and disable the Windows’ advanced security policy to audit successful other logon/logoff events.
AUTOREVERTONINACTIVITYA positive integer representing seconds.Instructs FireDaemon Zero to revert from Session 0 after the specified amount of seconds of inactivity (i.e. no mouse movements or keyboard presses).

On Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 / 2019 systems, the default option value is set to 30 seconds due to the mouse and keyboard not working on Session 0 - without the help of the FireDaemon ZeroInput driver.

On all other versions of Windows the default option value is set to 0 seconds (disabled - i.e. remain on Session 0 indefinitely).
The option to turn on or off event logging for any user who switches to Session 0 using FireDaemon Zero.
A hexadecimal RGB value
The colour to use as the screen background when displaying the Session 0 desktop (e.g. 00FF00).
2: weekly
3: monthly
The frequency at which FireDaemon Zero will check for an updated version.
The option to hide or display the notification popup in the Windows system tray.
Text string

The Serial Number Name displayed on your Order Confirmation. If there are spaces in your Serial Number Name then you must enclose the Serial Number Name in escaped double quotes (e.g. SERIALNUMBERNAME=\"My Company Name\").

The Serial Number displayed on your Order Confirmation. The Serial Number must not be enclosed in quotes (e.g. SERIALNUMBER=AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD).