FireDaemon Zero provides the following features and functions:

Interactive Services Detection Service Replacement

FireDaemon Zero is a drop-in replacement for the inbuilt Windows Interactive Services Detection Service (UI0Detect). FireDaemon Zero eliminates the UI0Detect "nag" popup when interactive servers are running on Session 0.

Creates the Interactive Services Detection Service

On Windows 10 and Server 2019 the UI0Detect service is not present. FireDaemon Zero will re-create the UI0Detect service and offering similar functionality allowing you to switch to / from Session 0.

Enables Interactive Services and Access to Session 0

FireDaemon Zero enables interactive services and access to the Session 0 desktop.

Switch To / From Session 0

FireDaemon Zero is deployed as a Task Tray application. By double clicking on the FireDaemon Zero Task Tray application icon, you can switch back and forth between your currently logged in Windows session and Session 0.

Steal Session 0 Control From Other Users

FireDaemon Zero will show you which user is currently occupying Session 0 and allow you to steal control of Session 0 from the user.

Kick A User Off Session 0

FireDaemon Zero will show you which user is currently occupying Session 0 and allow you to kick that user off of Session 0.

Session 0 Desktop Redraw

When you switch to Session 0, FireDaemon Zero will attempt to redraw all interactive services running on Session 0 in order to minimise artifacts.

Session 0 Desktop Colour

FireDaemon Zero allows you to configure the Session 0 desktop background colour.

Desktop Switching Activity Logging and Auditing

You can configure FireDaemon Zero to log Session 0 logon and logoff events, session kick events, session steal events and session switching events to the Windows Event Log. 

Automatic Inactivity Switch Back From Session 0

You can configure FireDaemon Zero to automatically switch back to your logged in session after an inactivity timeout.

Session 0 Tray

FireDaemon Zero deploy a specialised tray on Session 0. The tray lists FireDaemon Pro interactive services running on Session 0. The FireDaemon Zero Tray can also be used by programs that are being run as a Windows service that normally rely on and bind to the regular Windows Taskbar.

FireDaemon Zero OEM provides the following features and functions:

FireDaemon Zero Feature Superset

FireDaemon Zero OEM has all the features of FireDaemon Pro and includes additional features to assist in automating deployment and installation. 

No License Key Required / Royalty Free Redistribution

FireDaemon Zero OEM does not require a license key and is DRM free. There are no additional fees to redistribute FireDaemon Zero OEM as part of your software installer or platform.

Embeddable Product

FireDaemon Zero OEM is distributed as a ZIP file that contains all the components to allow you to embed the product in your installer, golden image or standalone product.