The FireDaemon Fusion home page can be accessed through a variety of URLs:

  • Via a domain name in your DNS: https://<domainname>:20604/ or
  • Via the server's name on your network: https://<servername>:20604/ or
  • Via the server's IP address: https://<ip-address>:20604/ or
  • Via a local connection on the same server: https://localhost:20604.

Note: Ensure that port TCP/20604 is open on your network.

  1. Open a web browser and access the FireDaemon Fusion URL.

    The Secure Login page appears.

    FireDaemon Fusion login screen

  2. Enter the Username and Password and click the Login button.

    Note: The default username and password pair is admin / admin

    After launching FireDaemon Fusion, the account username and password can be changed, or a separate administrator or user account can be created in the My Account area.

    Note: By default, the secure HTTPS interface is enabled for FireDaemon Fusion; however, this must be set up. If you try to access your Fusion instance via HTTPS before SSL encryption has been set up, your browser will warn you about an insecure connection. You must then create an exception to continue to FireDaemon Fusion. For more information, see SSL setup. Also, if you attempt to access FireDaemon Fusion via HTTP, the page will not load.

    After successfully logging in to FireDaemon Fusion, the requested URL is then displayed in the web browser. By default, this is the FireDaemon Services overview page.