FireDaemon Fusion provides the following features and functions:

1. Secure remote management of Windows Services and Pro Services

Remotely Manage your Windows services and FireDaemon Pro services via your web browser on your desktop, tablet or phone with your mfavourite browser. Avoid logging into your server via RDP, TeamViewer or another remote control method. 

2. FireDaemon Pro Service Creation & Control

In conjunction with FireDaemon Pro, remotely create, edit, start, stop and deleted custom Windows services allowing you to start, stop and restart any application program or script as a Windows service.

3. Built-In Windows Service Management

FireDaemon Fusion not only allows you to create and manage your own FireDaemon Pro services but also built-in and other third-party Windows services.

4. Dedicated Web Server

FireDaemon Fusion is a dedicated, standalone web server. Runs as a native Windows service. No need to deploy Windows or other third-party components. Web server access is logged to on disk log files. Log files can be rolled on a recurring basis.

5. Quick Overview and System Information

Quickly review running and stopped FireDaemon and Windows services, active processes, and active user sessions. View the computer system’s configuration. View which FireDaemon products are installed on the computer.

6. Granular Role Base Access Control

Create Administrative and User accounts. Grant granular access to specific FireDaemon Pro or Windows services. Allow Users to view, edit, start and stop specific FireDaemon Pro or Windows services. Allow users to restart the computer FireDaemon Fusion is running on. Allows user to browse the computer’s file system.

7. Centralised Service Management

Connect to multiple computers running FireDaemon Fusion allowing centralised management and control of FireDaemon Pro and Windows services. No need to log into multiple computers.

8. Secure Access

Access FireDaemon Fusion via HTTPS using the highest-grade SSL / TLS encryption available. Load your own SSL / TLS certificate and private key. Load a custom CA bundle. Set the SSL / TLS private key password.

9. Reverse Proxy Integration with CORS

Protect your FireDaemon Fusion instances from attack by integrating FireDaemon Fusion with reverse proxies such as Nginx, Varnish or Caddy.

10. Support for IPv4 and IPv6

Configure FireDaemon Fusion to bind to specific IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces on the port of your choice.

11. RESTful API

Manage and control FireDaemon Pro and Windows services with FireDaemon Fusion’s RESTful API.

12. Free Trial and Simple Licensing

No license servers or activation. Run FireDaemon Fusion with all features enabled for free in trial mode for 30-days.

FireDaemon Fusion OEM Features

1. FireDaemon Fusion features plus more!

FireDaemon Fusion OEM has all the features of FireDaemon Fusion and includes additional features to assist in automating deployment and installation.

2. No License Key Required / Royalty Free Redistribution

FireDaemon Fusion OEM does not require a license key and is DRM free. There are no additional fees to redistribute FireDaemon Fusion OEM as part of your software installer or platform.

3. Embeddable Product 

FireDaemon Fusion OEM is distributed as a ZIP file that contains all the components to allow you to embed the product in your installer, golden image or standalone product.