FireDaemon Pro services can be exported to or imported from XML service definition files via the command line. In terminal-based or scripted administrative scenarios this is a useful alternative to the GUI-based export/import function.

Single or multiple services can be exported or imported.

For full details of all command-line options, see FireDaemon Pro Command Line Interface.

Note: The command prompt must be run with Administrator rights.

Exporting a Selected Service:

Exporting All Services:

Importing a Service Definition File for a Specific Service:

Note: Service definition XML can also be dynamically generated and piped in (via stdin) and piped out (via stdout). Files must be UTF-8 encoded. For example, to import / install via stdin:

type service.xml | firedaemon.exe --install ""

For example, to export via stdout:

firedaemon.exe --export ServiceName ""

Importing Multiple Service Definition Files for All Services: