FireDaemon Pro provides four methods to import and export FireDaemon Pro service definitions. A service definition is represented as XML in a text file. The methods are as follows:

What is XML and Why Use It?

Importing allows you to easily create or recreate a service from its XML definition file. Exporting allows you to back up a service definition or copy a service definition to another system.

eXtensible Markup Language, abbreviated as XML, provides a foundation for creating documents and document systems. XML is derived from the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), XML operates on two levels:

  • it provides a syntax for document markup
  • it provides a syntax for declaring the structure of documents

XML is used to provide FireDaemon Pro with configuration directives and parameters (in the form of a parsable, validatable document) when creating and managing services. An XML schema (.xsd) is provided to define this document structure and the valid elements that it can contain.

By using XML and the schema, each FireDaemon Pro service definition carries a description of its own format internally, which allows easy validation.

Additionally, an XML transformation file (.xsl) contains the logic to transform service definitions from earlier versions of FireDaemon Pro to the most recent version.

An XML service definition file can either be created by hand to use with the Command Line interface or on-the-fly by the FireDaemon Pro GUI.

For a complete list of valid XML attributes and valid values, see XML Service Definition File Tags.

Below is a sample fragment of a FireDaemon Pro service definition in XML format:

Firedaemon Pro service in XML