The System Information page displays detailed information about the system on which FireDaemon Pro is running, as well as the FireDaemon Pro software summary and credits.

System Overview

The System Overview tab displays information about the system on which FireDaemon Pro is installed. This includes details of the system's operating system software, its processor (CPU) configuration and memory statistics.

Software Summary

The Software Summary tab displays information about the FireDaemon Pro version and license, and the folder location of the installed software.

The following buttons are also provided:

  • Check:  Check for a more recent version of FireDaemon Pro. The appropriate message is displayed if the FireDaemon Pro version is up to date. 
  • Buy Now: Buy a FireDaemon Pro license. This opens the FireDaemon Pro Pricing page.
  • License: Register FireDaemon Pro, or display the current licence details. For more information, see Registering FireDaemon Pro.
  • ? (Help): Open the FireDaemon Pro Technical Support page.


The Credits tab displays the third-party software components and libraries that are incorporated into FireDaemon Pro.