The FireDaemon Pro setup executable offers silent installation, silent uninstallation, and customisation of the installation process via the command-line interface. The command line options differ between FireDaemon Pro 4 and FireDaemon Pro 5. FireDaemon Pro 4 uses InstallShield and corresponding command line options. FireDaemon Pro 5 uses AdvancedInstaller and corresponding command line options.

To get started, open an elevated Command Prompt (i.e. with administrator rights) and navigate to the folder where the FireDaemon Pro setup executable has been downloaded. Run the following commands to perform various installation and uninstallation operations.

FireDaemon Pro 5 Silent Installation with no restart

FireDaemon-Pro-5.exe /exenoui /qn /norestart REBOOT=ReallySuppress

FireDaemon Pro 4 Silent Installation with no restart

FireDaemon-Pro-4.exe /s /v"/qn /norestart REBOOT=ReallySuppress"

FireDaemon Pro 5 Silent Uninstallation

This method uses the product code GUID which can be found by running the following command at an elevated command prompt:

wmic product where name="FireDaemon Pro" get IdentifyingNumber

Then to uninstall FireDaemon Pro 5 silently:

msiexec /x {70B612D7-717C-4E68-83E0-6D4F75291D1E} /quiet /noreboot
Note: This does not uninstall any FireDaemon Pro services.

Alternatively, if you have the original installer handy this command will silently stop and remove all FireDaemon Pro services then proceed to silently uninstall FireDaemon Pro 5

FireDaemon-Pro-5.exe /exenoui /x // /quiet UNINSTALL_ALL_FDSERVICES=1

FireDaemon Pro 4 Silent Uninstallation

FireDaemon-Pro-4.exe /x /s /v"/qn"
Note: This does not uninstall any FireDaemon Pro services.

Installation Logging

The installer always writes a verbose log file to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\MSIxxxx.log. Additional arguments can be appended to the command line. For more information on MSI installer command line arguments please see this Microsoft article.

Customising the FireDaemon Pro Silent Installation

To customise the FireDaemon Pro silent installation on your system, you can provide additional parameters on the command line. These are provided in the form of VARIABLE=VALUE.

While specifying the parameters, ensure the following:

  • The variable name and the value must be in Uppercase
  • If spaces are required in the value, the value must be enclosed in quotes.

FireDaemon Pro 5 Silent Installation Applying A License Key

This example installs FireDaemon Pro 5 into the default directory logging to fdpro5.log and automates applying a license key.

FireDaemon-Pro-5.exe /exenoui /exelog fdpro5.log /qn /norestart REBOOT=ReallySuppress SERIALNUMBERNAME="Your Serial Number Name" SERIALNUMBER=AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDDXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

FireDaemon Pro 4 Silent Installation into a Custom Folder

This example installs FireDaemon Pro into a specific folder, without enabling UI0Detect.

FireDaemon-Pro-4.exe /s /v"/qn /norestart REBOOT=ReallySuppress INSTALLDIR=\"D:\Program Files\FireDaemon Pro\" ENABLEUI0DETECT=0"

The list of permitted variables is described below:

VariableValid ValuesDescription
INSTALLDIRValid pathThe directory into which FireDaemon Pro is installed. Default value is: INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\FireDaemon Pro\"
1: yes/true
Sets the UI0Detect service to Automatically start. The default value is 1.
UNINSTALL_ALL_FDSERVICESAny valueIf specified, uninstalls all FireDaemon services when uninstalling FireDaemon Pro.
SERIALNUMBERNAMEText stringThe Serial Number Name displayed on your Order Confirmation. If there are spaces in your Serial Number Name then you must enclose the Serial Number Name in double quotes. For FireDaemon Pro 4 installation, the double quotes must be escaped (e.g. SERIALNUMBERNAME=\"My Company Name\")
SERIALNUMBERText stringThe Serial Number displayed on your Order Confirmation. The Serial Number must not be enclosed in quotes (e.g. SERIALNUMBER=AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD)