The Options dialog box allows various aspects of FireDaemon Pro's behaviour to be customised.

Options settings are grouped into the following sub-sections:

Note: The My User preferences can be inherited from All Users or set specifically for the current logged-in user.

Preferences - All Users

The following option settings are available for All Users.

Check for UpdatesIf this setting is enabled, FIreDaemon Pro will automatically check for more a recent version of the product on the FireDaemon website.

Clicking the Check Now button will cause FireDaemon Pro to immediately perform a version check on the FireDaemon website. The result is displayed in a notification popup.
Show Splash ScreenIf this setting is enabled, the splash screen will be displayed whenever the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager is launched.
Hide All PopupsIf this setting is enabled, all notification popups in the FireDaemon Pro GUI will be suppressed.
Filter ServicesIf this setting is enabled, only FireDaemon Pro services will be displayed on the service list.
Service List
Refresh Interval
This setting determines how frequently (in seconds) the service list is updated with the latest service status, memory, process ID, and CPU usage information.

The default setting is 30 seconds.
Summary Delay
When hovering over a service name in the service list, a service summary is displayed in a popup window. The Summary Delay setting controls the time delay before this popup is displayed.

This value is entered in milliseconds (ms). The default value is 1000.

If Summary Delay is set to zero, the service summary popups will be disabled.
Confirm Actions controlling all ServicesIf this setting is enabled, the user is asked to confirm actions that control all services, e.g. Start All Services (Ctrl+Shift+1) or Stop All Services (Ctrl+Shift+2)
CPU Bindings Radix
FireDaemon Pro services can be bound to specific processors or cores. This is known as CPU Binding (or CPU Affinity).

With this setting, the CPU Binding Mask can be set using any of the following numbering schemes:
  • Binary (Base 2)
  • Decimal (Base 10)
  • Hexadecimal (Base 16)

For more details, see About CPU Binding.

Preferences - My User

All option settings for My User are identical to those for All Users, described above., with the exception of a single additional option setting:

Transfer from All UsersThis function copies the All Users settings to the current user profile.

Service Control

The following Service Control options are available:

Start Automatic Service on InstallIf this setting is enabled, the services for which the Startup Mode is set to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) will be immediately started upon installation.

Service Definition

The following Service Definition options are available:

Service Definition Templates
Edit defaultClick this button to edit the default service definition template.

A new Service Definition window appears, with all fields showing their template default values. Any setting in the template can be given a new default value, except for the Service Short Name.

Press the Save and Close button to save changes and return to the main FireDaemon Pro interface.
Clone Delimiters
PrefixEnter the prefix that is automatically applied to the name of a newly cloned service. The default prefix string is Clone-
SeparatorIf this setting is enabled, the given separator string is inserted into the name of a newly cloned service. The default separator string is -of-

For example, cloning a service called Test will create a new service with a Service Short Name of Clone-1-of-Test and a Service Display Name of Clone-1-of-Test (Test).