FireDaemon is the #1 vendor of Microsoft Windows Service Management Software. We develop a range of commercial software including FireDaemon Pro, Fusion and Zero. In addition to this, the company offers free and open source software including FireDaemon ZeroInput, daeMON, an OpenSSL port and contributes to other open source projects including the Windows Template Library.

Our mission is to create great, useful, cost effective software that users recommend to their compatriots, purchasers select for their clients and our team is proud of.

We are currently looking for a graphics designer who can assist us with the following: 

  • Approximately 6 images with 9 versions of the Home page image (eg same image in the centre and RHS)
  • Consolidate the branding guidelines

Our current website home page image is:

How to Apply

  1. Email us your Expression of Interest to support 'at'
  2. We will then email you the scope of works/brief to provide us a with a quote
  3. Work will be project based as well as ongoing adhoc

Sample of what we want created: 

WEBSITES HOME PAGES WE  LIKE   (not so much but it's close to our colours) 



  • Idea is to have all these logos go through a funnel on the other side it’s either a FD logo or console

  • The console and bi-line are 

  • Run any Application as a Window Service

  • On the console it can say (funnel brackets) says Manage, Monitor, Control Unlimited Apps or

  • 100% Uptime of your Windows Service

  • Another image is having the shuttle image - “Trust the software that goes in space” etc a cool bi-line

  • Application uptime for mission critical systems