FireDaemon is the #1 vendor of Microsoft Windows Service Management Software. We develop a range of commercial software including FireDaemon Pro, Fusion and Zero. In addition to this, the company offers free and open source software including FireDaemon ZeroInput, daeMON, an OpenSSL port and contributes to other open source projects including the Windows Template Library.

Our mission is to create great, useful, cost effective software that users recommend to their compatriots, purchasers select for their clients and our team is proud of.

We are currently looking for a Technical Writers that can deliver the following. 

Project 1: Product Manual Refresh

  1. Research a suitable WordPress Manual template or platform that can be embedded into the current WP Website (must have search and convert to PDF functionality)

  2. Refresh the product manuals (including new screenshots)  for FireDaemon Pro, Fusion, Zero, ZeroInput and daeMON

    1. FireDaemon Pro / Pro OEM manual: 90 pages

    2. FireDaemon Fusion manual: 20 pages

    3. FireDaemon Zero manual: 10 pages

    4. FireDaemon ZeroInput manual: 10 pages

    5. FireDaemon daeMON manual: 10 pages

  3. Current documentation is here 

Project 2: Product How-To Guides Refresh

  1. Research a suitable WordPress article template or platform that can be embedded into the current WP Website (must have search functionality and SEO capability)

  2. Write up FireDaemon Pro product integration guides (including new screenshots). You will need to download each software product for each guide and confirm it still works with FireDaemon Pro 

  3. Approximately 230 articles need to be reviewed and refreshed

  4. The articles are currently hosted on Freshdesk here:

This is a project based contract only. 

How To Apply

Email us the following on support 'at' 

  1. Provide us a sample of your work. This includes refreshing the following How-To Guide: 

  2. You will need to download FireDaemon Pro version 4.0.72 and  Blackwake Dedicated Game Server and run it as a service. Learn how the programs works, prepare workflow and screenshots then formulate the How-To Guide

  3. You will get paid for this if we do go ahead with you

  4. An estimate of the amount of time required to complete the tasks/project

  5. You can choose Project 1 or 2 or both

  6. Task quote can be broken down as per manual and per how-to guide

  7. Your hourly rate in USD or AUD

  8. Deadline for application: 30 November 2019 (feel free to email us if you have any questions)