We are pleased to announce the release of FireDaemon daeMON 2.5.2 for Microsoft Windows. FireDaemon daeMON is a command-line service resource and utilisation monitoring utility designed to be run under FireDaemon Pro control. This version of FireDaemon daeMON is compatible with FireDaemon Pro 4.5 ONLY.

Download FireDaemon daeMON 2

FireDaemon daeMON 2.5.2

For 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

December 2020 - Free

FireDaemon daeMON 2 Release Notes

Please consult the change log for the complete list of improvements and fixes.


Please consult the Users Guide. It contains the necessary information on how to install and use FireDaemon daeMON.

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback gratefully received!


The screenshot below shows FireDaemon daeMON being run on the command line.

FireDaemon daeMON Screenshot

You can also configure FireDaemon daeMON to run as a Windows service under FireDaemon Pro control per the screenshot below.

FireDaemon Pro running FireDaemon daeMON as a service