FireDaemon Zero 2 is a major update of our Session 0 Viewer product. FireDaemon Zero allows you manage interactive FireDaemon Pro and Microsoft Windows services running on Session 0. FireDaemon Zero 2 works with FireDaemon ZeroInput.

Your FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer 1 license key will NOT work with FireDaemon Zero 2. You will need to get an upgrade license key. See the Get New License Keys section below. Please make sure you read the release notes below before upgrading! 

Download FireDaemon Zero 2

FireDaemon Zero OEM customers can download the update via your Cleverbridge order confirmation email. Otherwise retail and MSP customers can download via the links below.

Download FireDaemon Zero x64 2.5.6

For 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

August 2020 - 30-Day Trial

Download FireDaemon Zero x86 2.5.6

For 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

August 2020 - 30-Day Trial

Buy FireDaemon Zero 2

To purchase FireDaemon Zero 2 please visit the FireDaemon Zero 2 pricing information page.

FireDaemon Zero 2 Documentation

Please consult the Users Guide. It contains the necessary information on how to install and use FireDaemon Zero.

FireDaemon Zero 2 Release Notes

  • If you have Session 0 Viewer 1.X installed, you will need to obtain a new license key that works with Zero 2. See the Get New License Keys section below.

New Features

  • Product has been renamed from Session 0 Viewer to Zero
  • Updated installer graphics and icons
  • Updated Start Menu resource links
  • Zero Shell task bar is resizable. Size and location is remembered.
  • FireDaemon ZeroInput aware (you can check via FDUI0Control query --fdui0input-state).
  • Maximised windows are returned to their maximised state when restored from their entry in Zero Shell
  • You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the Zero Shell application list
  • Zero Shell lists the Windows services associated with the process running on Session 0
  • New extensive command-line help: FDUI0Control --help
  • Version checking
  • Zero is DPI aware on your logged-in session as well as Session 0
  • Audit logging of users taking control of and kicking other users out of Session 0
  • Please consult the Change Log for the list of recent improvements and fixes.

Before Upgrading

Before you consider upgrading to FireDaemon Zero 2, please ensure you have completed the following pre-flight checks:


  • Ensure you backup and/or snapshot your machine.

Get New License Keys

  • FireDaemon Zero 2 and FireDaemon Zero 2 OEM is available on-demand to customers with a current Software Assurance contract. Please contact us to obtain your license keys or link to download OEM
  • If you don't have a Software Assurance subscription you can upgrade for 50% off the base license price. Please contact us to obtain your discount coupon.
  • You can purchase new Zero 2 licenses with optional Technical Support and Software Assurance subscriptions. Please see the pricing page for more information.

Check Your Upgrade Path

  • If you currently have Zero 2 installed, your version will be upgraded
  • If you have Session 0 Viewer 1 installed, this product will be removed and replaced with Zero 2
  • Please ensure you upgrade "like for like". If you have the 32-bit version of Zero 2 or Session 0 Viewer installed, then install the 32-bit (x86) version of Zero 2. If you have the 64-bit version of Zero 2 or Session 0 Viewer installed, then install the 64-bit (x64) version of Zero 2.

Interactive Service Have Been Removed From Windows 10 1803 or later and Server 2019

Microsoft has decided to remove the Interactive Services Detection Service entirely on Windows 10 1803 or later and Server 2019. Hence,  it's no longer possible to actually switch to Session 0 on that OS version. If you are running Windows 10 1709 or earlier versions of Windows then Session 0 access still works as normal. If you have FireDaemon Zero installed and you upgraded to Windows 10 1803, the Interactive Service Detection Service will be preserved, however, when you switch desktop, you will switch to a blank screen. You will need to deploy our ZeroInput driver to resolve this issue.

Forced Relogin When Returning from Session 0 on Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019 1809

If you RDP into Windows 10 1809 or Server 2019 1809 and switch desktop to Session 0 then attempt to switch back to your logged-in session - you will always be returned to the Windows login screen. We have no fix or workaround for this. Note that you do not see this behaviour if you are logged directly into the Windows 10 1809 or Windows Server 2019 1809 console.

No Access To Session 0 via RDP on Windows 10 1903 or Server 2019 1903 or later

Switching to Session 0 on Windows 10 1903 or Server 2019 1903 or later over RDP no longer works. It would appear Microsoft is now actively blocked the contents of the Session 0 desktop from being rendered in the RDP session and / or dropping the RDP session entirely. The only workarounds that we know of are:

  • to login to the console session of your workstation or server directly (e.g. via physical keyboard and mouse, via hardware-based workstation or server management gateway such as Dell iDRAC or HP ILO or via virtual machine console offered by VMware vSphere or equivalent).
  • abandon Microsoft RDP entirely and use an alternate remote control product instead such as TightVNC, TeamViewer or TSplus. Your mileage may vary depending on the remote control tool you choose and the particular version of Windows 10 or Server 2019 you use. From our testing, we have found both TeamViewer and TSplus work reliably on Windows 10 1903, 1909, 2004 and 20H2 in conjunction with FireDaemon Zero and ZeroInput.

Deployment Matrix

Before installing FireDaemon Zero on any system, please refer to the deployment matrix for important information about compatibility and system requirements.

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback gratefully received!


Below is Zero in action! Interactive services are installed with FireDaemon Pro 4. Session 0 keyboard and mouse control is restored with FireDaemon ZeroInput.

FireDaemon Zero and ZeroInput Running On Session 0