FireDaemon Fusion 6 is a major update to our web based FireDaemon Pro Services and Windows Services management product. This product is currently in pre-release.


Important Notes

  • Fusion 6 only works with FireDaemon Pro 4. It does not work with any earlier version of FireDaemon Pro
  • Your FireDaemon Fusion 5 license key will not work with this version
  • FireDaemon Fusion 6 cannot be installed side by side Fusion 5. Fusion 5 will be upgraded to Fusion 6.
  • This release of FireDaemon Fusion 6 is feature complete. As such we recommend you trial the product in a non-mission critical environment  first (eg. a disposable VM). The testing team reports the product is stable and we have numerous reports of the product being used successfully and reliably in production.

License Keys

  • Your FireDaemon Fusion 5 license key will not work with this version
  • FireDaemon Fusion 6 is available on demand to customers with a Software Assurance contract. Please contact us to obtain your license key.
  • If you need a Fusion 6 license simply purchase a FireDaemon Fusion 5 license, then contact us and we will upgrade you at no charge.

New Features

  • Completely redesigned front end
  • SSL enabled by default with the ability to upload custom certificates
  • RESTful API overhaul
  • Full reverse proxying with products such as Nginx and Caddy
  • CORS support to allow you to easily embed the Fusion API in your application. Check out our Fiddle to see how the API works. IMPORTANT: make sure you visit and accept the SSL certificate exception prior to running the Fiddle.
  • Works exclusively with FireDaemon Pro 4

New Features Specific To This Build

  • API endpoint /api/v1/services.legacy is now /api/v1/services.datatables 
  • Ships with OpenSSL 1.1.0h
  • Improved fetching service information via the web API
  • Allow regular users to "control all" services
  • Updated shortcuts and links to documentation.

Fixes Specific To This Build

  • Start All/Stop All services on remote nodes didn't work.

Work In Progress

  • Product manual

Known Issues

ISSUE #1. We have had reports of FireDaemon Fusion hanging after upgrade from earlier versions. If you experience this, uninstall FireDaemon Fusion along with the Visual Studio C++ 2015 x86 runtime. Reboot, then try installing Fusion again. The Visual Studio C++ 2017 x86 runtime should now be deployed as part of the install. This also has the unfortunate side effect of your settings will be lost. Prior to uninstall backup the C:\Program Files (x86)\FireDaemon Fusion\configuration directory. Once the install has completed successfully and you can access Fusion, stop the FireDaemon Fusion service and drop your original configuration files back in.


FireDaemon Fusion x86 6.0.27

For 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

August 2018

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback gratefully received!


FireDaemon Fusion 6 - Login Screen

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - Quick Overview

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - FireDaemon Pro Services

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - Windows System Services

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - Manage Users

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - Settings

FireDaemon Fusion 6 - System Information