End of Life - FireDaemon Fusion 5.0.16

FireDaemon Fusion 5 is now at end of life. The product is no longer maintained or supported. The product has been superseded by FireDaemon Fusion 6. The information below is being retained for reference purposes only.

What's New

Whilst the product looks similar to previous versions this is a complete overhaul of FireDaemon Fusion. Additionally, FireDaemon Fusion has transitioned from a free product to a commercially supported one. Sorry, we just had to do this - it was getting too expensive to maintain and support the free version. Please consult the Fusion Change Log for the complete list of improvements and fixes. Additionally:

  • FireDaemon Fusion 5.X is not backwardly compatible with any other version. FireDaemon Fusion 5 only works with FireDaemon Pro 3.13 or later
  • FireDaemon Fusion is 32-bit only. This is because we rely on Open Source libraries for which there is sometimes no 64-bit Windows port. We are working on rectifying that!


FireDaemon Fusion 5.0.16

For 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

July 2016

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