FireDaemon Pro 4 is a major update to our Windows service management product. FireDaemon Pro allows you to create and run any application as a Windows service. This product is currently in pre-release.


Important Notes About This Release

  • Pro 4 only works with Fusion 6. It does not work with any earlier version of FireDaemon Fusion
  • Pro 4 works alongside Pro 3. You cannot edit Pro 3 services with Pro 4 or vice versa
  • This release of FireDaemon Pro 4 is feature complete. As such we recommend you trial the product in a non-mission critical environment first (eg. a disposable VM). However, the testing team reports the product is stable and we have numerous reports of the product being used successfully and reliably in production.

License Keys

  • Your FireDaemon Pro 3 license key will not work with this version
  • FireDaemon Pro 4 and FireDaemon Pro 4 OEM is available on demand to customers with a Software Assurance contract. Please contact us to obtain your license key or link to download OEM.

New Features

  • Completely redesigned front end
  • Works with FireDaemon Fusion 6
  • Works with FireDaemon daeMON 2
  • Brand new scheduling engine
  • Multiple schedule types based on application type
  • Always running application schedules include Restart and Duration
  • Self completing task schedule includes Execution Origin
  • Process management overhauled - immediate catch/restart on crash/failure
  • FireDaemon Pro service configuration now kept in the filesystem (rather than registry)
  • There's also a global default service template facilitating easy pre-configuration of services.

New Features Specific To This Build

  • Improved overall code quality via Code Analysis
  • Improved logging of system information in debug log.

Fixes Specific To This Build

  • Expanded the executable path in the window title of console apps
  • Selecting several Pro services and then using the scrollbar would cause a crash
  • Installer executables no longer cached. Installation Repair only offered from full installer package
  • Pre-service programs may crash or too few Pre-service programs executed
  • Dialog Responding was permanently disabled - now working again.

Work In Progress

  • Time and dates matching system locale
  • Product manual coming soon!


FireDaemon Pro x64 4.0.55

For 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

July 2018

FireDaemon Pro x86 4.0.55

For 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

July 2018

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback gratefully received!


FireDaemon Pro 4 - FireDaemon Services

FireDaemon Pro 4 - System Services

FireDaemon Pro 4 - System Information

FireDaemon Pro 4 - Service Definition

FireDaemon Pro 4 - Schedules

FireDaemon Pro 4 - Duration Schedule

FireDaemon Pro 4 - Windows Service Definition