FireDaemon Pro and Pro OEM 4.6.3

FireDaemon Pro 4 has been superseded by FireDaemon Pro 5. This page has been retained for reference purposes only. FireDaemon Pro allows you to create and run any application, program, or script as an interactive Windows service on Session 0.

End User Download - FireDaemon Pro 4.6

FireDaemon Pro 4.6.3 64-bit / x64

November 2022 - 30-day trial

FireDaemon Pro 4.6.3 32-bit / x86

November 2022 - 30-day trial

Download Trial: Run any application program as a Windows service

Download Trial: Run any application program as a Windows service

For Microsoft Windows

For Microsoft Windows

Integrator Download - FireDaemon Pro 4.6 OEM

FireDaemon Pro OEM customers can download product updates via the download link embedded in your Cleverbridge order confirmation or subscription renewal email. If you can't find that email or are unsure of your Cleverbridge reference number please contact us.

Windows Server Core App Compatibility Feature On Demand (FOD)

If you are deploying FireDaemon Pro 4 on Windows Server Core (i.e. you are not installing Desktop Experience), please ensure you install the App Compatibility Feature On Demand (FOD) prior to using FireDaemon Pro. This Windows feature is required to allow FireDaemon Pro to display Windows Explorer dialog box components properly and to run other Windows operating system components from the hamburger menu.

FireDaemon Pro 4.6 Features

  • Completely redesigned front end
  • Works with FireDaemon Fusion 6.6 only
  • Works with FireDaemon daeMON 2.6
  • Brand new scheduling engine
  • Multiple schedule types based on application type
  • Always running application schedules include Restart and Duration
  • Self-completing task schedule includes Execution Origin
  • Process management overhauled - immediate catch/restart on crash/failure
  • FireDaemon Pro service configuration is now kept in the filesystem 
  • There's also a global default service template facilitating easy pre-configuration of services
  • Overhaul of Service Events
  • Commands can be sent to the sub-process via stdin
  • Support for NUMA nodes and processor groups
  • Services can be filtered
  • Import services definitions via Inbound drag and drop
  • Service life-cycle options based on process exit code
  • Can launch processes that require higher execution levels
  • Can terminate/restart hung processes
  • Confirmation of actions controlling all services
  • Run in-session support for virtual desktops
  • Prompt for service account password on import or clone
  • Hotspots (visual cues)
  • Note that Pro 4.6 Service definitions are not backwardly compatible with earlier versions of FireDaemon Pro
  • Consult the Change Log for all improvements and fixes.

FireDaemon Pro 4 Documentation

Please consult the User Guide. It contains the necessary information on how to install and use FireDaemon Pro.

Bugs? Issues? Feature Requests?

Tell us what you think! All feedback is gratefully received!


FireDaemon Pro 4 FireDaemon Services Screen

FireDaemon Pro FireDaemon Services Screen showing various installed FireDaemon Pro services

FireDaemon Pro 4 Edit FireDaemon Pro Service Definition Screen

FireDaemon Pro Edit Service Definition Screen showing example service configuration

FireDaemon Pro 4 System Services Screen

FireDaemon Pro Windows Services Screen showing various installed native Windows services

FireDaemon Pro 4 Edit System Service Definition Screen

FireDaemon Pro Edit System Service Definition Screen showing editing a native Windows service

FireDaemon Pro 4 System Information Screen

FireDaemon Pro System Information Screen showing various operating system and computer information