FireDaemon Pro 3 went end of life as of November 2020. We ceased developing and maintaining FireDaemon Pro 3 in October 2018. We have continued to support FireDaemon Pro 3 during the transition to FireDaemon Pro 4, but that support is now at an end. FireDaemon Pro 3 has been superseded by FireDaemon Pro 4. FireDaemon Pro 4 was released in September 2018 and has been continuously developed ever since. We encourage all FireDaemon Pro 3 users to upgrade to FireDaemon Pro 4. The information below is being retained for reference purposes only.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version of FireDaemon Pro 3 please ensure you follow the instructions below.


Please ensure you backup your systems first prior to applying this update. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you backup your FireDaemon Pro service configurations.

Ensure Like For Like Upgrade

Please ensure you upgrade like for like. If you have the 32-bit (x86) version of FireDaemon Pro installed, upgrade using the x86 installer. Likewise, if you have the 64-bit (x64) version of FireDaemon Pro installed, upgrade using the x64 installer. To find out what "bitness" of product you currently have installed, start the FireDaemon Pro GUI and then go to Help->About->Details. The first two lines should allow you to identify whether you have the 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of the product installed. For example:

FireDaemon Pro (x64) 3.15.2761-0-g01e99090
Core Pro (x64) 3.15.2761-0-g01e99090

Don't Delete Your Services If Forced To Uninstall Manually

During the upgrade, and under extremely rare circumstances, you might be asked to manually uninstall your pre-existing version of FireDaemon Pro via Control Panel / Programs and Features. During the manual uninstall process, the FireDaemon Pro installer will ask you whether you want to delete your installed FireDaemon Pro services. You definitely don't want to do this so click NO. Allow the uninstallation to complete, then install the update. Your FireDaemon Pro services will be preserved and started once the update is complete.


Retail and MSP customers can download the final version via the links below. FireDaemon Pro OEM 3 has been completely retired is no longer available or supported. All FireDaemon Pro OEM customers with a current maintenance contract will have access to the latest version of FireDaemon Pro OEM 4.

FireDaemon Pro x64 3.15.2765

For 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

October 2018 (End Of Life)

FireDaemon Pro x86 3.15.2765

For 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems

October 2018 (End Of Life)

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Check out the screenshot of FireDaemon Pro 3.15 in action!

FireDaemon Pro 3 in action!