Programs running as a FireDaemon Pro service can be restarted in session. This means that you can see your program running on your desktop without needing to switch to Session 0. This can be useful if you have a program that you want to see running for test purposes. The program run in session by FireDaemon Pro will be run in the security context of the locally logged-in user. Hence, when configuring the service, you must not set the login credentials of the service to anything other than Localsystem. FireDaemon Pro will not permit you to start a service in session if the service's user credentials have been set. The reason for this is that Windows prohibits the running of programs in the currently logged-on user session as anything other than the user you are logged in as. This is a result of your program not being launched directly in session but via the Windows Service Control Manager.

To start or restart in session, right-click on the service you wish to start or restart in session. Select "Start (in session)" or "Restart (in session)" to start or restart your service. You can find out more about starting or restarting a service in session in the FireDaemon Pro User Guide.

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