The Pre-Service and Post-Service tab allows applications to be run during service startup and service shutdown. Pre-service and post-service programs are always run during service start-up, controlled shutdowns, and intentional restarts. However, if the service program crashes, only the pre-service program is run. Note that Pre-Service / Post-Service programs run at the same process priority as the main application. 

A good example where such a service would be useful is the following: You have a web server like Apache installed, along with PHP. If PHP shuts down while Apache is running, anyone can see the contents of your PHP files; they can even see your Mysql username/password in config files. To prevent this from happening, you would set PHP as a Post-Service program of Apache. That way when Apache is started/restarted, it automatically starts PHP for you.

Visit the Pre-Service and Post-Service area of the FireDaemon Pro manual to learn more.