The FireDaemon Pro Event tab allows programs and scripts to be run during FireDaemon Pro service startup and service shutdown. Launch and Termination Event programs are always run during service start-up, controlled shutdowns, and intentional restarts. However, if the service program crashes, only the Launch Event programs are run. That Launch Event and Termination Event programs run at the same process priority as the main program you are running under FireDaemon Pro control. 

A good example is where you want to run Nginx under FireDaemon Pro control and configure a structured shutdown. If you configured your FireDaemon Pro Nginx service using the default FireDaemon Pro settings, the Nginx process would just be killed when the service is shutdown. To shutdown Nginx nicely, you can use a Before Program Termination, Termination Event, and send the correct signal to Nginx to allow the webserver to shutdown. 

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FireDaemon Pro Events tab