When you configure FireDaemon Pro Service you have the opportunity to configure a debug log file. The debug log file contains a complete and very detailed transcript of what FireDaemon Pro is up to when running your application as a Windows service. Debug log files can get large. More to the point you might want to "tail" the debug log file. Tailing is the ability to view and follow a log file as more lines are written to it in real-time.

Where Do I Configure The Debug Log File?

That's configured in the FireDaemon Pro Logging Tab. Make sure you checked Debug Logging and enter the complete path and name of the Debug Log File. We recommend that you uncheck Append Logs to avoid your log files getting excessively large. If you restart your service and Append Logs is unchecked your debug log file will be overwritten. If Append Log is checked, then new debug log entries will be appended to the file.

FireDaemon Pro Logging Tab

What Does The Debug Log File Look Like?

The debug log file is a straight text file and can be opened with any text editor. Here's an example:

FireDaemon Debug Log File

How Can I Tail The Debug Log File?

It's dead easy actually. Open a PowerShell command prompt and type the following cmdlet:

get-Content <PATH>\<LOGFILE> -Wait

Where <PATH> is the path to your log file (eg. C:\logs) and <LOGFILE> is the name of the FireDaemon Pro debug log file you want to tail (e.g. logfile.txt). Then you will see output similar to below scrolling up your screen.

Windows Powershell Tailing a Text Log File