Blackwake Dedicated Game Server

How To Setup Blackwake Dedicated Game Server As A Windows Service With FireDaemon Pro

Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS based on teamwork and cooperation. The Blackwake Dedicate Game Server can be setup to run as a Windows Service with FireDaemon Pro. There are several good reasons to do this. Firstly, Blackwake will be started automatically upon server boot or reboot and if the game server crashes it will be restarted. OK, me hearties onto the setup guide!

Download and Install SteamCMD

Download SteamCMD for Windows. Unpack the contents of the ZIP file into the directory of your choice (eg. C:\SteamCMD). There's only one file in the zip file: steamcmd.exe. Double click steamcmd.exe to download related support files and update SteamCMD.

Download and Install FireDaemon Pro

Download FireDaemon Pro for your CPU architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). Look for the Download buttons. Then install FireDaemon Pro.

Download and Install the Blackwake Dedicated Game Server

Determine where you want the dedicated game server installed. For the purpose of this guide we will install the dedicated server into C:\SteamCMD\Blackwake. Open an elevated command prompt. Then type (there's only three lines below ... sorry for line wrap):


cd \SteamCMD

SteamCMD +login anonymous +force_install_dir .\Blackwake\ +app_update 423410 validate +quit

The game server will be downloaded and installed from Steam's servers. This might take some time as the Blackwake Dedicated Game Server is around 2.5GB in size.

Enable and Start Automatically Windows Audio Service on Windows Server

By default, the Windows Audio Service is set to Manual start on Windows Server 2008-2016 operating systems. This service is usually set to Automatic start on Windows desktop operating systems (Vista-10). We have had reports of the Blackwake game server inexplicably quitting when this service is not running. Hence, we recommend that you enable and start this service. To do this, open an elevated command prompt. At the command prompt type:

sc config Audiosrv start= auto

sc start Audiosrv

Setup the Blackwake Dedicated Server as a FireDaemon Pro Service

Next step is to start FireDaemon Pro and click on the New button in the toolbar. Complete the FireDaemon Pro Program settings per the screenshot below. Note the Parameters line (-batchmode -nographics) and change the Startup Mode to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Now click on the Settings tab and uncheck Interact with Desktop in the General Section. The Blackwake Dedicated Game Server is truely headless and has no interactive GUI component. Note that you can change the CPU bindings of the dedicated server so it only runs on a specific CPU or cores.

You can also optionally set a dependency on the Windows Audio Service - this will ensure the Windows Audio Service is running prior to attempting to launch the Blackwake Game Server. To do this click on the Dependencies tab and add the Windows Audio Service.

That's it! Now click on OK to start the Blackwake Dedicated Game Server.

Confirm the Blackwake Dedicated Game Server Is Running Correctly

To confirm the Blackwake Dedicated server is running:

1. Check the Task Manager And Look for BlackWakeServer.exe In the Details Tab

Sort by Memory as the server can consume up to 2GB of RAM (you may find assets are unloaded during the course of play to free RAM).

2. Check the Dedicated Server's Log File For Errors

The game server is written in Unity and logs to C:\SteamCMD\Blackwake\BlackwakeServer_Data\output_log.txt. The log file is pretty noisy but you should see no "exception" error messages. If you see the message "Steam game server started" then the server is up.

3. Check the Game Server Is Listening On Its Correct Ports

Collect the Process ID (PID) of the dedicated server either from the FireDaemon Pro Service Manager or Task Manager. Then at an elevated command prompt type netstat -anob | find "<PID>" where <PID> is the Process ID of BlackwakeServer.exe. Per the screenshot below you can see that the dedicated game server is listening on ports IPv4 UDP/25001, UDP/26915, UDP/27015 and IPv6 UDP/25001. You will need to configure your firewall and/or router accordingly to port forward these ports.

Stopping and Starting The Blackwake Dedicated Server

FireDaemon Pro will continue to run the Blackwake Dedicated Game Server. You might need to shut the game server down to perform routine maintenance (eg. update SteamCMD or the game itself or make configuration changes). This is simple to do. Via the FireDaemon Pro GUI select the BlackWake service and click the Stop button in the toolbar. To start the dedicated server again click the the Start button.

Configuring The Blackwake Dedicated Game Server

You can fine tune the setup of the dedicated server by editing admin.txt and Server.cfg found in the Blackwake installation directory. You will need to restart the game server in order for the changes to take effect.


Add users to this file that are to administer the game server. One administrator per line. The format is:


You can lookup your 64-bit Steam ID here if your have a public or vanity Steam URL.

Server.cfg Options

Valid Value
Default Value
Name of the game server on the Steam list
Any text string
my server
IP address to for game server to bind to
Local IPv4 address
Port for game server to listen on
Steam server port
Hide server on the Steam List
0 (displayed) or 1 (hidden)
Game server password
Any text string
<blank> Set this!
Hour to restart the game server
-1 (disabled), 0-23
Game mode
1: Team Death Match 16
2: Team Death Match 32
3: Unused
4: Unused
5: Team Death Match hoy 2v2
6: Team Death Match galleon 2v2
7: Fleet 3v3
8: Capture the Booty 32
Friendly player collision
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)
Spread fires when players collide
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled). Requires friendlyPlayerCollision to be enabled.
Cause damage to friendly players with hand weapons
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)
Cause damage to friendly ships with ship weapons
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)
Automatic team balance
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)
Speed of ships based on a percentage multiplier
Valid positive number (eg. 0.5 = 50%, 1 = 100%, 2 = 200%)
Times per second a players position is updated.
Valid positive number > 10.
Team chat outside of win screen.
0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Other Resources

Below is a list of additional links you might find useful in assisting you in configuring your Blackwake Dedicated Game Server: