psyBNC is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC-Bouncer with many features. Some of its features include symmetric ciphering of talk and connections (Blowfish and IDEA), the possibility of linking multiple bouncers to an internal network including a shared partyline, vhost- and relay support to connected bouncers and an extensive online help system.

The application can be run as a Windows Service using FireDaemon Pro, which lets you start the application automatically at boot prior to login, start multiple instances of the application and more. This HOWTO will show you how to set it up. You can also use Fusion to manage FireDaemon and other Windows services via a web browser.

psyBNC Setup Under FireDaemon Pro

Before installing psyBNC

  • The Windows build of psyBNC does not work on 64-bit systems. It crashes.
  • PsyBNC only seems to work when installed in C:\psyBNC. It always fails to find its configuration file otherwise. If you find a workaround please let us know!
  • The primary process forks a child process. This is pretty standard practice for daemonising a process under Unix for which psyBNC is primarily written. This means two things: FireDaemon will not be able to control psyBNC unless you force the process into a Windows Job Group. Secondly: FireDaemon cannot detect psyBNC crashes.
  • psyBNC writes a PID file. The PID file acts as a mutex to stop multiple instances of the child process instantiating. Hence, this file must be deleted in advance of running the service under FireDaemon. FireDaemon allows this to be automated. The PID file is typically c:\psybnc\
  • If you are attempting to run psyBNC interactively via Remote Desktop (RDP) then you might not see it running.
  • psyBNC should not be running prior to attempting to start it under FireDaemon. Check your Process List under Task Manager and terminate it.

Downloading and installing

Download and extract psyBNC to the directory of your choice. For the purposes of this HOWTO we will use C:\psyBNC.

Download and install FireDaemon Pro into the directory of your choice, typically C:\Program Files\FireDaemon.

Next start the FireDaemon GUI from the desktop shortcut. Click on the "Create a new service definition" button in the toolbar (or type Ctrl+N) and enter the information into the fields as you see below. Adjust the paths to suit your installation.

  • Executable: The path to your psybnc.exe file. For the purposes of this HOWTO, the path is C:\psybnc\psybnc.exe.
  • Working Directory: The directory containing your psybnc.exe file. For the purposes of this HOWTO, the path is C:\psybnc
  • Parameters: None. Leave this field blank.

Now click on the Settings tab. You can optionally set the Interact with Desktop check box if you want to see what psyBNC is up to. You can optionally run psyBNC as the user you installed it as. In the Logon Account field type your username (e.g. Administrator) and then enter the user's password twice in the Password and Confirm fields. You must change the Job Type to Global Job.

Now click on the Lifecycle tab. Set Upon Program Exit to Disabled.

Lastly, click on the Pre / Post-Service tab. For psyBNC to start cleanly, any legacy PID file must be deleted. In the Pre-Service Programs section click on the Append button. Fill out the dialog box as follows, adjusting paths to suit. Then click OK.

Now click OK to install and start psyBNC as a FireDaemon Service! If you are running psyBNC interactively you will see:

Otherwise you will need to check the Task Manager: