p>To quote the Instruction Manual: "Neverwinter Nights is an epic roleplaying game that uses the 3rd Edition Dungeon & Dragons rules and is set in the Forgotten Realms". The dedicated server can be run as a Windows Service using FireDaemon Pro, which lets you start the application automatically at boot prior to login, start multiple instances of the application and more. This HOWTO will show you how to set it up. You can also use Fusion to manage FireDaemon and other Windows services via a web browser.

The Neverwinter Nights Server is configured via the command line or .ini file. The Neverwinter Nights Server executable is: nwserver.exe. This file is found in your Neverwinter Nights installation directory. We recommend that you test all options at the Command Prompt (Start/Run/cmd.exe) prior to attempting to convert the Neverwinter Nights DS to a service with FireDaemon Pro. A complete list of NWN Server command line options can be found here.

Configuring Neverwinter Nights Dedicated Server

First, install Neverwinter Nights and patch up to the latest release. For the purposes of this HOWTO, we installed Neverwinter Nights into C:\Program Files\NWN. Modify this path to suit your installation.

Neverwinter Nights server options take the form of:

-option value
If an option value contains spaces then it should be enclosed is double quotes. The options that you are most likely to be interested in are:
  • -module "module name": Loads and runs the specified module. The module name is the name without the extension of a module file from your "nwm" or "modules" directory. Enclose the module name in double quotes if it contains spaces.
  • -publicserver 0|1: Whether your server registers with GameSpy (0 = No, 1 = Yes).
  • -servername "server name": Sets the name that your server will display in the mulitplayer game listing. Enclose the server name in double quotes if it contains spaces.
  • -servervault 0|1: Whether server or local characters are allowed (0 = Local, 1 = Server)
  • -dmpassword "password": Sets the password required by DMs to DM the game. Enclose the password in double quotes if it contains spaces.
  • -autosaveinterval n: Sets the autosave interval in minutes. For a persistent server set n to greater than 0.

All of the options (with the exception of -module and -load) can also be specified in a file called nwnplayer.ini. The format of this file is the usual Windows 3.x INI file (ie. [Section] followed by name=value pairs). This file can be found in the top level Neverwinter Nights installation directory. Placing the options in this file improves server stability. A template sample can be found below:

[Server Options]
Server Name=
Game Port=
Max Players=
Reload Module When Empty=
GameSpy Enabled=
Game Type=
PVP Setting=
Disable AutoSave=
Auto Save Interval=
Game Region=
One Party Only=
Enforce Legal Characters=
Suppress Base Servervault=

[Game Options]
Difficulty Level=2
Memory Level=1
Memory Access=1

[Banned IPs]
[Banned Players]
[Banned CD Keys]

Neverwinter Nights Dedicated Server Setup Under FireDaemon Pro

Download and install FireDaemon Pro into the directory of your choice, typically C:\Program Files\FireDaemon.

Next start the FireDaemon GUI from the desktop shortcut. Click on the "Create a new service definition" button in the toolbar (or type Ctrl+N) and enter the information into the fields as you see below. Adjust the paths to suit your installation. Note the required parameters.

Executable: The path to your nwserver.exe file. For the purposes of this HOWTO, the path is C:\Program Files\NWN\nwserver.exe.

Working Directory: The directory containing your nwserver.exe file. For the purposes of this HOWTO, the path is C:\Program Files\NWN.

The Parameters field is quite long and not fully visible. The parameters that we supplied are:

-module "Chapter1" -publicserver 0 -servername "Server" -servervault 1 -dmpassword "password" -autosaveinterval 1

Click on the Settings tab. Set the Show Window drop down to Normal and check the Interact with Desktop checkbox.


Click on the OK button. Your Neverwinter Nights Dedicated Server will be installed as a system service and started automatically.

If you have a variety of server settings for differing modules, you can either edit your service definition (Service/Edit), create multiple Neverwinter Nights server instances (ensure that you only run one at a time OR stipulate different Saves directories), or save multiple configurations to differing XML files via the Save button on the toolbar in the New/Edit Service Definition Dialog.