Labware LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System.

The vast majority (if not all) of issues related to using FireDaemon Pro to run LabWare LIMS as a service are configuration or environmental on the LIMS side of things.


FireDaemon and LabWare have an agreement in place in that if you are using LIMS and FireDaemon and are having issues please report the issue to LabWare first. To submit a ticket to LabWare you will need to have a valid support account and be the designated primary support contact. Please submit the ticket via the LabWare support portal.


The most common problem preventing LabWare LIMS from running as a service under FireDaemon is to do with DEP settings. Additionally, incorrect permissions on the application or working directory folder may also cause problems. LabWare LIMS requires full permissions on the working directory and may require permissions for some files in the application folder. Be sure the Windows or network account running LabWare LIMS under FireDaemon Pro has proper rights to access these directories.

So to obtain FireDaemon + LIMS support please submit a ticket via the LabWare support portal.