FireDaemon Pro itself does not read locale information set within Windows. However, if you install Windows under one locale and then change to another locale before installing FireDaemon Pro and other software, you may notice that the computer's currencies, along with the date and time, are still in the locale of the Windows version you installed. If you set Windows up in this fashion, you explicitly need to copy locale information into protected Windows accounts (i.e. Service accounts such as Localsystem) in order to completely finish changing your locale. Here's how to do it.

  1. Open the Control Panel and click on Region.

    Windows Control Panel
  2. Select the Administrative tab and choose Copy settings:

    Region Settings
  3. Ensure that "Welcome screen and system accounts" is checked, as well as "New user accounts". This ensures that locale settings are copied for existing users, system accounts (i.e. service accounts) and new user accounts.

    Welcome screen and new user account locale settings
  4. Click OK and reboot your computer so the new settings can take effect.
  5. Once your computer has rebooted, visit the Control Panel again. Click on Region, then the Administrative tab.
  6. Click Copy Settings and ensure that the current settings are set to suit your preferences.
The screenshots below show an example of what you would see before and after switching the French (France) local to English (United States) locale. The operating system was originally installed in French but the server had to be operated in the US. Hence, there were inconsistencies in local user, domain user, and service user account locales. We have also written a small free utility that will allow you to determine whether there are operating system locale inconsistencies.


Display language is French, Input language is French, Format is US English and Location is US English. The Welcome screen is all in French and New user accounts are created all in French.

Mixed French and English locale


Display language and Input language are French. Format and Location is US English.

Consistent French English Locale