You can start and stop services (including FireDaemon ones) on other machines in your network. This can be achieved by one of two methods, via the command line or via the FireDaemon GUI.

Via the Command Line

Use the sc.exe utility as follows:

sc [server] command [service name]

For example, to start a service, use the following:

sc myserver start myservice

Via the FireDaemon GUI

It's also possible to start or stop a service remotely from the FireDaemon GUI. Select Services Control Panel from the File menu. This will launch services.msc.

In the Services Control Panel, take the following steps:

  1. From the Action menu, select Connect to another computer
  2. A Select Computer dialog will be displayed
  3. Type the name of the computer or click Browse to find an available computer
  4. If you clicked Browse, click Advanced
  5. Then click Find Now. A list of machines that are present will be displayed. Click on the server you wish to connect to.

Please note that for this work successfully, the following conditions must be true:

  1. The Remote Registry Service must be enabled
  2. The remote machine must allows inbound RPC connections (usually port 135 (RPC Endpoint Mapper) but ports 137 (NetBIOS Name), 138 (NetBIOS Datagram), 139 (NetBIOS Session) and 445 (MS Directory Service) might also be required)
  3. Your client machine must have the correct access credentials to the remote machine. If peering then identical username and password must exist on both the local and remote machine. If via domain/AD then the remote machine must be added to the domain (directory).