When a FireDaemon service is started, two processes are instantiated - firedaemon.exe and the application you are launching under FireDaemon. Both will be assigned different Process IDs.

The simplest is to type the following at a Command Prompt:

tasklist /svc

The output will look similar to the following:

Image Name                     PID Services
========================= ======== ============================================
System Idle Process              0 N/A
System                           4 N/A
smss.exe                       672 N/A
csrss.exe                      624 N/A
winlogon.exe                   736 N/A
services.exe                   784 Eventlog, PlugPlay
lsass.exe                      796 HTTPFilter, PolicyAgent, ProtectedStorage,
svchost.exe                    256 DcomLaunch
svchost.exe                    332 RpcSs
svchost.exe                    372 AudioSrv, BITS, Browser, CryptSvc,
                                   dmserver, EventSystem, HidServ,
                                   lanmanserver, lanmanworkstation, Netman,
                                   Nla, SENS, ShellHWDetection, srservice,
                                   TermService, Themes, winmgmt, wscsvc,

The first column names the process, the second column the Process ID (PID) and the last column the services instantiated. FireDaemon services will appears as follows:

firedaemon.exe                2324 Skype
Skype.exe                     2656 N/A

If you have FireDaemon debug logging enabled, this PIDs of firedaemon.exe and the subprocess will also be listed. For example:

Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0xb2c]: Starting: FireDaemon Pro v1.9 GA (Build 2199)
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0xb2c]: Process Id: 2324
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0xb2c]: Parameters for service 'Skype':
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0x608]: There are now 5 active ACEs on the desktop
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0x1ec]: Starting MonitorSubProcess
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0x608]: CreateProcess() call returned 1
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0x608]:     Process Id: 2656
Thu May 11 19:40:41 2006 [0x608]: Service 'Skype': Event no. 17 [0x11]