If you modify your system clock while running FireDaemon Pro 3 in evaluation mode you might encounter this error:

Your system clock appears to have been set back, possibly in an attempt to defeat the security system on this program. Please correct your system clock before trying to run this program again. If your clock is correct, please contact the author of this program for instructions on correcting this error (report code 0,2853,2488).

This generally occurs if you operating system's time and date is not synchronised correctly either with your domain controller, NTP server or in the case of a virtual machine, host hypervisor clock.

In order to correct this please contact us to obtain two clock fix keys, which are good for 72 hours. Then follow the procedure below:

  • Set all you FireDaemon Pro services to "Manual" via the Services applet under Computer Management.
  • Reboot. This clears all the DLLs held by the OS.
  • Start the FireDaemon Pro GUI.
  • When you see the error message hold down the "Left Shift" key and ¬†click "OK". You will be presented with a new dialog asking you to enter in the first clock fix key.
  • Enter the key and click OK. You should see an acknowledgment message.
  • Start the GUI and start one service to make sure it is OK.
  • If you have a valid serial number name and serial number you can enter that in the Registration dialog.

If the service does not start you will need to perform the following:

  • Change your service to "Interactive".
  • Start the service.
  • You will see the same dialog as when you started the GUI. Perform the same steps as performed previously, but use the second clock fix key.
  • The process will crash. This is OK.
  • Change your service's interactive flag to your original setting.
  • Restart the services.