How does the FireDaemon Student discount program work?

The FireDaemon Student Discount Program allows you as a full time student to receive a 50% discount on FireDaemon products. To qualify you need to ensure that:
  • You can provide us with a scan (JPEG format) of your Student ID and/or any other documentation from your Institution that confirms your current full time student status (e.g. accompanying letter from your lecturer/tutor or educational transcript).
  • This documentation must clearly show your full time status and show that you are actively enrolled in the current academic year (e.g. Full Time Student For the Academic Year 2010).
  • You have a valid email address at your educational institution (e.g. .edu,
  • You are 16 years or older.

The terms of use of your software product and license keys are limited as follows:
  • You can only apply once and purchase one license of each product
  • We will assist you with basic installation support only. We provide no application integration assistance.
  • Your software product and license keys cannot be re-distributed or re-sold.
  • Your software products are only available for your personal use. They cannot be used commercially or for profit or personal gain.

To receive your 50% discount you must:
  1. Submit a ticket from your valid educational institution email. Attach the scan of your student ID card.
  2. In the ticket state your request for a 50% discount coupon and reconfirm your full time student status, educational institution and the course you are studying.

After successfully completing all the steps, you will receive your coupon, usually within 24 hours. Please note that the issuing of a coupon is entirely at our discretion. We are under no obligation to provide you with the coupon if we feel the necessary documented evidence of your full time student status is lacking.