FireDaemon Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy online. As part of the software registration process and when dealing with Technical and/or Sales Support you may be asked to disclose information about yourself (including credit cards), your company, your computer systems and operating systems.

Our Policy

We have a zero tolerance attitude towards spam and all forms of online abuse. Consequently, any personal information that you supply us with will be kept completely private and confidential. Under no circumstances will it be distributed to any third party for any purpose under any circumstances.


It may be necessary for us to email you to advise you of product updates or product faults and issues. You will be given the opportunity at that time to opt-out and never receive any further email correspondence in any form from us ever again.

Information About You That We Capture

All information that we capture and store complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (UK), 2018. We capture the following information:

  • Any information that you provide at time of purchase with the exception of your credit card details. Credit card information is retained by Cleverbridge. We have no access to your credit card details except the type of card you used.
  • Your email address and name should you contact Technical Support or Sales or subscribe to one of our mailing lists.
  • Any information that you might provide us with in regard to the applications you are using in conjunction with FireDaemon software product and the operating system upon which you have installed FireDaemon software products.


Should you have any questions about this policy please feel free to contact us.