FireDaemon Pro and Pro OEM Changelog

N: New I: Improvement F: Fix S: Security

* 5.4.11 build here May 2024
  I Improved error message when a service fails to start due to the service user account not being able to interact with the Session 0 desktop
  I Search also includes PID
  F GUI crashed when hovering over the restart button of a service that cannot be started (e.g. WdiServiceHost)
  F Graceful reload did not take into account changes in the launch delay
  F Text was clipped in the Options -> Service Control

* 5.4.10 build here May 2024
  N Service search box prompt
  I Stabilised restarting services from the CLI
  I Renamed CLI command "edit --startup-type" to "edit --startup-mode" for consistency (previous command available via synonym)
  F List grouping issue when service was removed from a group
  F Incorrect control of services with dependencies  when managed via CLI
  F Crash when opening a Windows service for editing that had specific permissions

* 5.4.9 build here April 2024
  F Installing or importing an XML file would fail if empty text strings for certain settings were present

* 5.4.8 build here March 2024
  F Importing a service with user credentials failed to start
  F Tag groups were not sorted correctly
  F Possible to save invalid service definition XML

* 5.4.0-5.4.7 build here March 2024
  N Installer confirmation dialog when upgrading from Pro 4
  N Installer can check for missing language packs
  N Installer option to remove all FireDaemon Pro services on uninstall
  N XML configuration files contain additional export information (host, user, date/time)
  N Service control via CLI uses a notification-based worklist. This means fast start/stops and the ability to cancel service control actions
  N firedaemon.exe returns specific error codes instead of "success" to the SCM when service initialisation fails
  I Reworded general service rights Read, Modify, Execute
  I Service control process stability improvements
  I Uniform hang detection nomenclature in GUI, event log, and debug log 
  I Binary optimisation to reduce resource footprint
  I Improved interaction with the operating system thread pool via one-time assignment of subprocess wait object
  I Additional debug log trace if registration of the process handle in the thread pool fails
  I Consolidated CLI behaviour and options when installing a FireDaemon Pro service
  I CLI displays a warning when an unknown command is passed to the help subcommand
  I Disambiguate CLI option to add or update an action schedule
  I Aligned kind and wording of CLI progress messages when exporting services
  I Improved in-session restarts of services and graceful reloads via CLI
  I Improved error messages when XML import via CLI fails 
  I Service control CLI list displays services names rather than display name
  I Service control CLI start and restart commands skip disabled services
  I Service control CLI wording/output when controlling services
  I Installer will terminate if the FireDaemon Pro GUI is running in other user sessions
  I Installer will force FireDaemon Pro to be installed into the same directory on upgrade
  I Installer checks the product certificate chain is present before attempting to install the product
  F CLI would crash if an unknown command or argument was passed
  F Crash in FireDaemon Pro GUI when installing a service twice via CLI
  F Event log messages path was incorrect
  F Service export sometimes did not work when using CLI
  F Uninstallation via Control Panel did not display installer full user interface
  S Installation of service definition XML via CLI was not fully validated. Path checks can be skipped with new --exclude-path-checks option 
  S Numeric options when creating or editing a service via CLI were not fully validated

* 5.3.1 build here December 2023
  I Parameters field has been made larger / auto wraps to make long command lines easier to read
  I Debug log contains the Event Disposition (e.g. Before Program Launch)
  I FireDaemonCLI create includes --startup-type option so you can specify the service startup type
  S Extended SBoM to show all software components
  S Removed VBS scripts from the Pro OEM ZIP file
  F Inadvertent launch of online help when clicking Switch to Session 0 icon
  F GUI would crash when hovering over a service that cannot be loaded
  F FireDaemonCLI status --pid option was on by default
  F FireDaemonCLI deconfigure help description was inaccurate

* 5.3.0 build here October 2023
  I Renamed the untagged/ungrouped group of services to "Untagged" and  "Ungrouped"
  I Minor text change for Unspecified processor groups
  F Incorrect XML schema was present that prevented Fusion from creating services with empty tags

* 5.2.5 build here September 2023
  I Pretty-print exported XML definition files
  I Per-user Windows service instances are now read-only

* 5.2.4 build here July 2023
  I Display system local name in System Overview
  I Keep default SIDs in FireDaemon Pro service's ACL intact to stop users locking themselves out of their own services
  I Disable Restore SID Defaults for Windows services
  I Re-order CPU priority class
  F Various broken CLI commands and help text

* 5.2.3 build here June 2023
  I Tool tips accurately reflect why a service cannot be changed
  I Scheduling date and time formats follow system locale
  F Resource Monitor did not work on Windows 10
  F Context menu corrections after changing a service configuration

* 5.2.2 build here June 2023
  I Adjusted default service definition template to recognise a flapping process within 50ms
  I License information gets trimmed when pasted
  I Ability to copy/paste all license information from order confirmation
  I Coalesce and throttle reactions to service and process status updates in the GUI
  I Updated keyboard shortcuts
  I Corrected tooltips in resource monitor graphs
  I Thin dotted line included in the resource monitor graphs to indicate start of measurements
  I Visual groups are now reactive elements, including a context menu
  F Resource monitor would show empty graphs for process trees
  F Status bar text was wrong when hovering over context menu items

* 5.2.1 build here May 2023
  N Group Attribute column for Windows Services
  I Renamed default colour scheme to "Windows Default"
  I Minor tool tip text updates
  I Single background colour for the service list to improve legibility
  F Taskbar and update bar now show the correct text of full messages
  F Hot cloning two services simultaneously would result in the same service name
  F Fix a crash when hot cloning a "ghosted" service (i.e. one with a missing service definition file)

* 5.2.0 build here May 2023
  N Windows Services can be grouped by SVCHOST and LSASS group
  N FireDaemon Pro GUI displays the total number of services visible, total number of services, and the total number of services selected
  N Additional service control information is provided when hovering over the start, stop, and restart buttons
  N For running Windows Services, if you hover over the Status column, you will see what control codes are accepted by that service
  N When you hover over the main service control buttons, additional information is displayed advising what actions can be applied to the selected services
  N Schedules can be exported as XML from the Scheduling tab by right clicking on the schedule list field
  I If a service cannot be controlled, as part of a multiple-service control action, then the action will not applied to the service that cannot be controlled
  I You can now set the Theme directly. The theme also available via the Options dialog
  I Removed dependency on Visual Studio C++ Runtime
  I Resource Monitor summarises CPU, RAM, and I/O utilisation for the entire process tree.
  I For FireDaemon Services, the Resource Monitor displays the number of processes in the process tree
  I For Windows Services, the Resource Monitor displays the program running as a service
  I Revised the wording and capitalisation of various tooltips
  I Renamed "System Services" to "Windows Services" for consistency
  I Left aligned PID column for better legibility
  I Color theme can be selected. Previous you had to cycle through the options
  I Visual grouping of services is on by default
  F Colour styles applied of Security tab were incorrect
  F Cryptic CLI error messages removed
  F firedaemoncli.exe list-all did not work as expected
  F Missing tooltips
  F Sorting of Startup Type column did not work as expected
  F Hot tracking toolbar lists did not work as expected when scrolling
  F Tags could only be 14 characters long. Now 255 characters long
  F Service security ACL editor would not update permissions if they were changed in the Advanced View dialog
  F Service security ACL editor does not remove "Change Permissions"
  F manifest missing from OEM package

* 5.0.0-5.1.3 build here May 2023
  N 64-bit only
  N Hardware-based code signing
  N Themes (Dark, Light, Automatic)
  N Live service monitoring and reporting
  N Live service resource monitoring
  N Service tagging
  N GUI, CLI, and service component separation
  N CLI rationalisation
  N ETW logging
  N Security ACLs
  N Advanced Installer MSI installer

* 4.6.2-4.6.3 build here November 2022
  I Toolchain update
  I Digital certificate update
  F Incorrectly reporting program was scheduled when in fact it was stopped
  F Cosmetic updates to the GUI
  F If the default template failed to load causing various random errors (!)

* 4.6.0-4.6.1 build here January 2022
  I Updated EULA and README
  I Updated VC Runtime
  F CPU bindings might break during service XML import from machine with more CPUs / cores
  F Product correctly reports Windows 11 and Server 2022 versions on screen and in logs
  F Product would continually restart a program if the schedule start date was in the future
  F Tab order controls were out of order on the Logging tab
  F Trial mode issues

* 4.5.35 build here July 2021
  I Windows 10 versions correctly identified (e.g. 20H2)
  I Minor UI updates
  F Non-operational daily scheduling didn't work

* 4.5.34 build here May 2021
  N System locale and timezone details included in debug log
  F Crash when using Duration schedules
  F Help output text corrections

* 4.5.33 build here March 2021
  I License expiry type displayed for all license types (trial, perpetual, time-limited) 
  I Service definition is validated prior to transformation during import
  I Log failed service creation via CLI when "nochecks" is used
  I Full XML error details are displayed when importing an invalid service definition

* 4.5.32 build here February 2021
  N --configure --TurnOffOnboardingCues to disable visual cues in the Pro OEM GUI
  F License registration dialog crash

* 4.5.31 build here February 2021
  N Improved technical error reporting when importing XML schedule fragments
  I Log entries for application hangs are informational rather than an error
  F Service information not refreshed when editing a service
  F Programs would not start when a 'Halt' scheduled completed

* 4.5.30 build here January 2021
  F Schedules created prior to 4.5.26 would not be imported

* 4.5.29 build here January 2021
  F Crash when default template could not be loaded
  F Reading / displaying numeric recovery option values for system services didn't work
  F Services with "Enable Actions for Stops with Errors" recovery option could not be stopped

* 4.5.28 build here December 2020
  F Crash when editing Windows service dependencies

* 4.5.27 build here December 2020
  N Additional services settings included as part of graceful reload
  N User guide URLs
  N Registration Information available from Start Menu
  N Additional environment variables FDProcessId and FDProcessCreationTime 
  I Servicing release (VC++ 16.8)
  F Saving changes sometimes didn't update SCM settings
  F Decouple responding to dialogs from Freeze Detection
  F Environment variables were not available "In Session"
* 4.5.26 build here November 2020
  I Compatibility updates. Use with FireDaemon Fusion 6.5.20 or later only
  F Modified schedules were always saved even when you cancelled
  F Program uptime and downtime calculations were incorrect when overlapping duration and halt schedules were used

* 4.5.25 build here October 2020
  F GUI crash when saving a new service

* 4.5.24 build here September 2020
  I Updated README
  F Service couldn't be created after applying license
  F Ghost floating toolbar after deleting a service would cause a crash
  F Advanced UI animations would cause a crash if they couldn't be played

* 4.5.23 build here June 2020
  N Service SID Type configurable via Settings tab
  I Control Flags option deprecated and removed from Settings tab
  I Additional revised field names and tools tips for consistency
  I Reloadable changes to services definitions (e.g. scheduling) are reflected immediately in the running service
  I CLI --edit option --NoApply to stop changes propagation to a running service
  F Process statistics for Windows services were always zero
  F Password was not checked when editing a service via CLI --edit
  F Application of incorrect license would drop the product back into trial mode

* 4.5.22 build here June 2020
  I Revised field names and tools tips for consistency
  I Smother experience when editing services
  F Incorrect program state displayed when a Restart and Duration schedule overlapped
  F Crash if Launch or Termination Event program could not be run
  F Unit labels were displayed incorrectly when DPI > 100%
  F Could not change Recovery options Reset Fail Count After and Reset Service After

* 4.5.21 build here May 2020
  N Service SID Type can be set on the command line when creating or editing services
  N Statistics monitoring can be deactivated in the GUI
  I Services now created with no Service SID type to maximise application compatibility 
  F User verification failed during service import if the user account lacked Logon As A Service rights
  F Couldn't clone a service if the service contained regular expression characters
  F Couldn't edit a service if the service contained regular expression characters
  F Can select Group Managed Service User Accounts from Windows User Browser
  F Couldn't import / export services from / to UNC paths

* 4.5.20 build here April 2020
  N Ability to --edit and gracefully reload service lifecycle
    options via the CLI
  I Self completing tasks that return a 0 exit code yield an
    Information event log entry instead of an Error event log entry

* 4.5.19 build here March 2020
  N Textual description when defining a schedule
  I Service lifecycle now applied to Job Groups
  I Application restart upon logoff now works the same as Pro 3
  F Crash when dropping service definition into the Pro GUI

* 4.5.18 build here February 2020
  N Ability to send custom commands via STDIN
  N Ability to choose processor group affinity
  N Displays and logs information about NUMA nodes affected by
  N Search box for filtering services
  N Observe user logoff when 'running in a session of
  N Make inbound Drag'n'Drop work
  N Disable context menu on all MDI child frames, listing "Output" pane
  N Lifecycle options based on exit code
  N Improve event-logging on subprocess termination
  N Run after-event post-phase programs on successful completion
  N 'Kill All' now only kills the subprocess and lets the FireDaemon service handle the rest
  N Ability to launch programs that require higher execution levels
  N Ability to terminate/restart the hung application
  N Terminate job group when the primary process terminates
  N Propagate subprocess' exit code to 'after-event' post-programs
  N More fine-grained options when to run 'after-event' post-programs
  N Option to exit a subprocess
  N Onboarding: hotspots (visual cues), first landing in regard to license key and Pro 3 migration
  N Confirm actions controlling all services
  N Run on current input desktop when started in-session
  N Retain service account password when cloning services
  N Retain service account password when importing services
  N Ability to switch to service's desktop when started in-session
  N Revive launch delay
  N Ability to change border and hover color of toolbar buttons via skin.xml file
  N Consistency in terminology for Event Programs and Program Type
  N Additional Restart repetition intervals
  N Tooltips for the lists hosting the Event Programs
  N Revive launch delay
  N Support 'Halt' schedules (no UI)
  N Edit launch delay from the command line
  N Ability to import schedules
  N Consistency of double quotes in CLI help output
  N Setup.exe is now dual-signed
  F Reflect CPU affinity across job group
  F Correctly determine memory usage for the 64-bit process under
  F Allow explicitly setting 'unspecified' processor group
  F Improve pre-shutdown order list handling
  F Enable 'Bring to Front' context menu item only for the current session
  F Resize schedule dialog to be wide enough for various settings
  F Ship with different default lifecycle settings
  F Fix CPU affinity check with only one core
  F Wait until restart of a Restart schedule when a launch delay is configured and the time point of hot-reloading a schedule overlaps with the launch delay
  F Fix condition with one processor core where subprocess wouldn't get launched w/o a launch delay
  F Fix infinite termination/launch loop once 'hung program' detection kicks in
  F Fix losing virtual service user account
  F Postpone question for possible reboot until end of the upgrade installation
  F Suspend scheduled restarts only after reaching flap/fail count
  F Align wording for "Startup Type" with the Service Control Manager terminology
  F Fixed a crash on most recent Windows 10/Server 2016 that occurred when the trial period has expired

* 4.0.72 build here November 2019
  I Disable Migration information pane in Pro OEM
  F Landing page buttons didn't work on XP
  F Dual sign modules and executables for XP
  F Subprocess was not launched if a future restart schedule present

* 4.0.71 build here October 2019
  N CLI hot reload service schedule after modification

* 4.0.70 build here October 2019
  N Skinning of the Section Bar
  I Duration schedules take precedence over Restart schedules
  I Schedules suspended on power state changes
  F Crash when service user account password is changed
  F Detects service user account without administrative rights
  F OEM customisation errors when using --configure directive

* 4.0.69 build here September 2019
  F Installer dialog sequence
  F Installer failed on Windows XP
  F Installer "Setup Complete" dialog issues at 250% DPI
  F Virtual service accounts cannot interact with desktop

* 4.0.68 build here August 2019
  N Support for virtual service accounts (NT Service\<Service Name>)
  N Command line option to create/modify/delete a restart schedule
  I Command line output in UTF-8
  F Managed and group managed service accounts didn't work (DOMAIN\account$)

* 4.0.67 build here August 2019
  N Improved notifications when in trial mode
  F Welcome screen adjustments at for various DPI percentages
  F firedaemon -v didn't show correct product name
  F Drawing issue for scheduled restart time origin
  F Removed non-functional sort headers

* 4.0.66 build here June 2019
  N Installer checks for Pro 3 and optionally displays migration guide
  N First run wizard
  N Display summary for yearly duration schedules

* 4.0.65 build here May 2019
  N Can no longer install 32-bit version on 64-bit OS
  I Removed service migration dialog from installer

* 4.0.64 build here April 2019
  N Prevent the installation of the 64-bit version over the 32-bit version
  N Updated EULA and README
  I Debug log now logs the subprocess termination
  F GUI icon artifacts when running at 125% DPI

* 4.0.63 build here January 2019
  F Schedule end date could be before start date

* 4.0.62 build here November 2018
  I Resolve when Pre and Post Program run:
    After-Event Pre-Programs run only on successful process creation
    After-Event Post-Programs run on program self termination
    After-Event Post-Programs run on program failed creation
  F Increase default Memory Usage column width
  F Validate service definition self-completing tasks and duration schedules
  F Prevent creating Before-Event Pre-Programs for self-completing tasks
  F Before-Event Pre-Programs run before checking executable to run as service
  F Some services would disappear when manually refreshing the service list
  F Fix service list sort order when sorted on anything other than name

* 4.0.61 build here October 2018
  N Support for Server 2019
  N Can apply license key information during silent install
  I Text in Lifecycle Options dropdowns more obvious
  I Used the operating system "marketing name" Pro is running on
  F Fail detection didn't work when the subprocess has flapped already
  F Freeze when controlling system services from service definition dialog
  F License keys with ampersands didn't display in application menu

* 4.0.60 build here September 2018
  F Pre-Service events didn't execute

* 4.0.59 build here September 2018
  F Product might crash when opening registration dialog box

* 4.0.58 build here September 2018
  N Made text in Lifecycle options clearer
  I License storage now shared for x86 and x64 product versions
  F Migrating duration schedules on specific weekdays results in wrong end time
  F Could not import service having 2 or more dependencies
  F Service dependencies would be duplicated when editing a service via the CLI
  F Corrected Event Log registry value settings
  F Service control toolbar for a system service didn't observe its startup type and status

* 3.15.2765 build here October 2018
  N Support for Server 2019
  F Freeze when controlling system services from service definition dialog

* 3.15.2764 build here September 2018
  I Manual updates and corrections
  F Dependencies duplication when editing a service via CLI
  F Could not import XML when 2 or more dependencies present
  F Could not write to stdout/stderr after program crash in Job Group

* 3.15.2763 build here August 2018
  N Maximum of 32 cores available with 32-bit FireDaemon Pro
  I Manual updates and corrections
  F Memory statistics incorrect on large memory systems > 1TB RAM
  F CPU mask incorrect on machines > 32 cores
  F GUI would quit when selecting > 32 cores on 32-bit systems
  F GUI would quit when selecting > 64 cores on 64-bit systems

* 3.15.2761 build here April 2018
  I Manual updates and corrections
  F Stdout/stderr redirection didn't work after program exit

* 3.15.2760 build here December 2017
  I Manual updates and corrections
  F Scheduled restart would sometimes launch duplicate processes
  F Services running in session, would not be restarted in session
    when Serial Number Name and Serial Number was applied
  F Service was not restarted if the application window style was changed
  F Incorrect operating system information displayed on Windows 10/2016
  F Memory leak in SID/ACE cleanup

* 3.14.2755 build here May 2017
  I Manual updates and corrections
  F Bulk XML import would sometimes fail

* 3.14.2754 build here May 2017
  F Crash on Windows 10 or Server 2016 after you apply Windows
    Update KB4019472

* 3.14.2753 build here April 2017
  I Double sign installers and EXEs (SHA1 + SHA2)
  I Manifest file removed from x86/x64 installer and OEM ZIP
  F XML import did not import environment variables
  F XML import did not import more than one dialog response
  F Setting restart schedule time to 12:00:00PM would cause service
    to continually restart
  F Crash when clicking service filter button in GUI on Windows 10 
  F Pro wouldn't launch on XP/2003 due to manifest issue
  F Starting services under some restrictive user accounts would
    fail with "Invalid Handle"

* 3.13.2747 build here June 2016
  I FireDaemon Fusion 5 compatibility updates
  I Services definitions can be passed without .xml extension
  F Minor layout issues in Help->About when in Trial Mode
  F Changing Display Name prefix was impossible via XML import

* 3.12.2745 build here February 2016
  I Pro OEM CLI setup simplified (see manual)
  I Skinning/theming significantly enhanced (see manual)
  I Language of all EXE and DLL now en-US
  I More detail provided when a service cannot start
  I Obsoleted "v" prefix and "GA" suffix in version strings
  I FireDaemon Pro OEM error reporting improved when product
    registry keys not found
  I FireDaemon version numbering consistent across GUI and CLI
  I Correct product terminology now "Pro" and "Pro OEM"
  I Splash screen simplified
  I Minor CLI text corrections
  I FireDaemon.exe and Core.dll have FireDaemon icon added
  I Numerous manual updates and corrections
  F Incorrect PID displayed on CLI with --status --pid when
    service was scheduled as subprocess had terminated
  F Dependencies layout glitch on Korean Windows 10
  F Misplaced OK button on New/Edit dialog on Korean Windows 10

* 3.11.2737 build here (v3.11 GA) December 2015
    N Automatic start FireDaemon services installed via the
      command line can be installed in the stopped state
    N Additional command line --edit options:
      --ScheduleDays, --ScheduleTime, ScheduleRestart,
      --ScheduleDefaults, --AccountName, --AccountPassword
    N Registry "Parameters" key now has accurate ACL applied
      during service install allowing firedaemon.exe to read
      and update when run as any user
    N firedaemon.exe uses exact access rights when accessing
      the registry avoiding trying for All Access and filling
      the Security Event Logs with access denied
    I Services faster to start/stop
    I All EXE and DLL digitally signed SHA256
    I Better error reporting with OEM --configure when
      help file is missing
    I Fixed popup verbiage warning when running service as a
      regular user account
    I Minor text command line help text formatting improvements
    I Numerous manual updates and corrections
    F User name column in FireDaemon GUI sometimes contained
      invalid characters
    F Affinity mask value in debug log was wrong
    F Service configure with a Pre-Launch delay and 
      scheduled restart would be restarted twice
    F Service would not restart if scheduled to run across
      a time range plus debug log would fill with
      unnecessary time checking information
    F When importing XML via GUI and XML is malformed,
      the displayed error message contained invalid characters
    F Services scheduled between two times would not restart
      the second time

* 3.10.2729 build here (v3.10 GA) October 2015
    N Branding enhancements:
      - can replace word "FireDaemon" text in toolbar tooltips
      - can specify custom help file
      - can specify no help file
      - can change the name of "firedaemon.exe"
    N OEM ONLY can set "firedaemon.exe" new name and help file
      name via --configure
    N --edit --validate fully validates service config from CLI
    I Responsiveness of monitor thread
    I Numerous manual updates and corrections
    F Post Events were not run when Upon Program Exit
      was set to Shutdown FireDaemon
    F CLI option --edit actually works as advertised now
    F Debug log messages missing some descriptive text
    F Some debug log messages actually incorrect

* 3.9.2722 build here (v3.9 GA) September 2015
    I FIREDAEMON and FIREDAEMON_HOME environment variables
      obsoleted and no longer required by product or
      used when locating theme/skin
    I Windows XP and 2003 specific EXEs obsoleted
    I Internal XML parser updated to MSXML 3.0
    I Additional checks to prevent subprocess double start
    I Better formatting on export of XML config files
    I PreService and PostService XML exported correctly when
      attributes are empty
    I When importing PreService and PostService XML missing
      attributes handled gracefully
    I Hardened calls to external DLLs
    I Scheduling dates can now be after 2038 (!)
    I Subprocess memory working set can now be > 4GB
    I OEM includes MSVC 2010 SP1 redistributable
    I Numerous manual updates and corrections
    F XML import would fail if service account name contained
      non-standard characters or punctuation
    F Field scrolling issues with ultra-long service Parameters
    F Potential buffer overflows when reading DWORD/QWORD
      from registry
    F Erroneous error popup when trying to set service user
      account on built-in Windows services
    F XML attribute Program contained redundant attributes
    F Help->About->System Info didn't work on Windows 10

* 3.8.2717 build here (v3.8 GA) August 2015
    I Updated executable manifests for Windows 10
    I Correct identification of various Windows 10 versions in
      Help->About and debug log
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F GUI crash when clicking Filter button on Windows 10
    F Sometimes two subprocesses would be launched on
      subprocess crash
    F Updating service user credentials on inbuilt Windows
      services would cause the GUI to crash
    F Ctrl-C not sent to console apps
    F Erroneous popups displayed when changing Startup Mode
    F Removed junk characters in Startup Mode confirmation
      change dialog box

* 3.8.2697 build here (v3.8 GA) July 2015
    F DLL entry point error on XP/2003
    F EXE initialisation error on 2003 x64

* 3.8.2685 build here (v3.8 GA) June 2015
    N --edit CLI option
    N Can set default Job Type value for each new service created
      (see File -> Options)
    N When application is run as user - entire hive is loaded for
    I File and Folder browsing dialogs are consistently all
      Vista styled on Vista or later
    I Minor splash screen and CLI --help text updates
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Not all dependent services were shutdown when master
      service was stopped via GUI or CLI
    F Manual services did not restart in session if Graceful
      Shutdown was not checked
    F Previously run in session user was still displayed in
      GUI when machine was shutdown
    F When shutting down a service with dependencies the
      wrong "master" service was displayed

* 3.7.2660 build here (v3.7 GA) March 2014
    N Switch To Session 0 button on toolbar
    N Text labels on toolbar buttons
    N FDDATE and FDTIME environment variables
    I Removal of erroneous and misleading debug log messages
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F --install service.xml edit would whack the entire service
      config instead of just replacing changed items
    F Unnecessary subprocess checking when service was scheduled
    F When app running in session and you logged off, app would
      not restart
    F Kill All missing from right-click menu
    F Switch to Session 0 keyboard shortcut didn't work
    F Time calculations on scheduled jobs incorrect when restart
      delays were used
    F Services would halt when scheduled restarts were used in
      conjunction with a time schedule, the app was marked as
      console (requiring a console control handler) and
      Pre-Shutdowns were enabled.
    F Text on last installer dialog not displayed on some
      RDP sessions
    F CLI --stop-all returned incorrect ERRORLEVEL when
      all FireDaemon services already stopped
    F CLI --start-all-automatic displayed incorrect warnings
      if some services were no set to automatic start
    F When updating a service, double quotes were stripped from
      the registry ImagePath
    F Monitoring and scheduling would live lock when a scheduled
      service installed on a particular day of the week was
      scheduled to not run on that day
    F FireDaemon would start two instances of the sub-process
      after the second sub-process failure.

* 3.6.2634 build here (v3.6 GA) October 2013
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Version checking wasn't working

* 3.6.2632 build here (v3.6 GA) September 2013
    N Support for Windows 8, 8.1 and Server 2012, 2012 R2
    N Popup suppression in Options to keep the GUI quiet
    N Ability to open debug log from the GUI
    N Switch to session 0 via the GUI or CLI
    N New/Edit Service dialog logical grouping of fields
      resulting in new Lifecycle and Logging tabs
    N Support for Pre Shutdown notifications (Vista or later)
    N Support for Managed Service Accounts (AD 2008 R2 or later)
    N FD_TRACELEVEL global environment variable. Set to DEBUG
      for massive tracing in the debug log
    N Support for more than 32 cores
    N Services are started and stopped in the background
      avoiding "hangs" in the GUI
    N Notification "strip" in GUI showing which services are being
    N Kill all (GUI and CLI) brutally terminates services
    I Services running in session are restarted in session if
      the user is still logged in
    I Service startup/shutdown times are significantly faster
    I Continuous flushing of debug log, stdout and stderr
    I Copyright and splash screen updates
    I Removal of a variety of popup status messages
    I New logos and links in splash, Help/About and CLI
    I Updated EULA
    I Manual updates and corrections
    I FireDaemon Fusion compatibility update
    F Services ran improperly when configured to run as
    F Misidentification of various Windows operating systems
    F stderr/stdout handles not freed correctly after process
      crash leading to inability to write stderr/stdout on
    F Under rare circumstances token handles would leak when run
      as certain user accounts
    F Column sort ascending or descending arrows visible
    F Very long environment variables would cause a crash
    F Lack of quoting of the executable would sometimes cause
      service start failures

* 3.5.2536 build here (v3.5 GA) May 2011
    F Importing v3.1 or earlier XML configs would corrupt the
      dependency list

* 3.5.2535 build here (v3.5 GA) May 2011
    N New CLI option --status --pid
    I Environment variables can be used in all paths
    I Unicode support
    I FireDaemon Fusion compatibility update
    I Testing messages removed from debug log
    I Updated EULA
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Lines in debug log might be truncated
    F CtrlC registry entry contained non-printable character
    F Could not save Cloned Services without making changes
    F Dependent services were not being stopped by GUI or CLI
    F Attempting to run service as user might fail if
      .\ format was used

* 3.1.2527 build here (v3.1 GA) February 2011
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Bulk export reports incorrect quantity of services exported
    F Authenticode digital signature didn't work on Windows 7

* 3.1.2526 build here (v3.1 GA) January 2011
    N Bring To Front GUI option
    N CPU utilisation column in GUI
    N GUI remembers column widths
    N Pre/Post Service apps can detatch
    N Global option allowing you specify Clone/Hot Clone short and
      display name prefix and separators
    N Global option to install automatic services without
      starting them
    N Can choose whether to send Ctrl+C or Break to console apps
    N CLI --start-all --stop-all --restart-all show progress
    N CLI --start option has --in-session suboption
    N CLI --restart option has --in-session suboption
    I Removal of various GUI dialog boxes to improve workflow
    I Dependency drop downs sorted by Display Name
    I Update copyright notices to 2011
    I Obtuse window sizing messages in debug log removed
    I Options dialog not adorned with [X]
    I Remove Default as Run Program setting in Pre/Post Service
    I Alt keyboard shortcuts missing from some Service menu items
    I GUI text alignments and layout improvements
    I Updated EULA
    I Manual updates and corrections
    I Ported to VS 2010 - ships with VC++ Runtime 2010
    I Support for Windows XP SP1 and SP2 dropped
    I Suppressed irrelevant delayed start Event Log warning on XP
    F Service get installed twice after clicking Apply and OK
    F Updating a service with dependencies always failed
    F Window focus when there is an invalid pre/post service exe
    F Help->About->Details and Debug Log misidentified
      Server 2008 R2

* 3.0.2437 build here (v3.0 GA) August 2010
    N Apply button in New/Edit Service dialog
    I Additional logging when service is "hot" updated
    I Graceful Shutdown now sends WM_CLOSE to top level of
      application only then attempts to catch popups
    I Better detection of VC++ runtime during installation
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Restart at scheduled time did not restart if the time
      was changed
    F CLI XML export did not export user credentials
    F CLI XML import did not import stderr/stdout redirection
      options from Fusion correctly

* 3.0.2422 build here (v3.0 GA) April 2010
    N New licensing - please see website
    N Available as native 64-bit application
    N --restart and --status CLI commands support wildcards
    I Registry keys rationalised
    I Version checking in OEM disabled by default
    I Updated EULA
    I Manual updates and corrections

* 1.9.2414 build here (v1.9 GA) January 2010
    N --start and --stop CLI commands support wildcards
    I Copyright year updated
    I Remove Windows 2000 from splash and CLI
    I Updated EULA
    I Manual updates and corrections
    I daeMON no longer included in installer
    I Executables contain Windows 7 application compatibility
    F Wrong shortcuts placed when using installer in silent mode
    F When choosing Pre/Post programs residing in the root of the
      file system (eg. C:\) default Working Directory would
      not include trailing slash
    F FireDaemon Fusion compatibility updates

* 1.9.2405 build here (v1.9 GA) December 2009
    I License key entering and checking optimisations
    I Manual updates and corrections
    F Help -> About -> Details service pack info wrong on Win 7

* 1.9.2402 build here (v1.9 GA) November 2009
    N Includes daeMON v0.09
    I Manual updates and corrections
    I Specialised OEM skin
    F Duplicate CLI help text
    F Incorrect text displayed when skinned in trial mode

* 1.9.2401 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) October 2009
    N Additional skinning options (see manual)
    N --create options: uponexit and smffrequency
    F Debug log SID sometimes corrupt
    F Post events not run when Graceful Shutdown was unchecked
    F Skinning used wrong icon on New/Edit Service Dialog

* 1.9.2393 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) September 2009
    N --install edit option: if service already exists just
      update configuration
    N FireDaemon Fusion compatibility release
    F Post processes did not run in Session on Vista/2008/7

* 1.9.2385 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) August 2009
    F Post processes did not run in Session

* 1.9.2384 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) August 2009
    N Includes daeMON v0.08
    F Start/Restart (in Session) available to built in services
      (not desirable)
    F Service column sub-sorts by Service Display Name rather
      than Service Short Name when sorting by any other column
    F Service restart would sometimes leave services in stopped state

* 1.9.2383 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) August 2009
    N Support for Windows 2000 dropped
    N Automatically created built-in environment variables available
      to sub-process, Pre-Service and Post-Service events:
      %FDServiceShortName%, %FDServiceDisplayName%,
      %FDServiceDescription%, %FDServiceExecutable%,
      %FDServiceWorkDir%, %FDServiceParameters%
    N --create options: username= password=
    I Removed requirement for MSI 3.0 in the installer (= smaller)
    I Text updates to splash screen, Help/About and CLI --help
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Service ImagePath registry variable correctly enclosed in quotes
      when there are spaces in the path or name of executable
    F Attempt load of XML config with invalid paths to debug, stdout,
      stderr files would fail
    F Less obtuse debug message when window styles cannot be set
    F Pre-Service, Post-Service apps now run "in session" when
      Start (in session) or Restart (in session) selected

* 1.9.2381 build here (v1.9 Pre-GA) July 2009
    N Start application in current session (right click
      Start (in session). Used to defeat Vista, 2008, 7
      Session 0 isolation
    N Ability to clone services hot (ie. complete duplication
      and start in one click)
    N Ability to clone services warm (ie. complete duplication
      then edit in one click)
    N Service updates can occur hot to avoid a service restart.
      FireDaemon will periodically re-poll configuration for changes
      and apply as necessary.
    N Included Service Description column in GUI
    N Column expansion on hover
    N Silent installer command line switches to control installer
      behaviour (see Silent Installation section in manual - F1)
    I Installer Windows 7 compatible
    I Buy Now menu item (moved from Help menu)
    I When applying license, GUI does not attempt to restart
      all services when none are present
    F Windows 7 not correctly identified in Debug Log and
    F Crash when starting interactive services when user
      did not have sufficient permissions
    F Duplicate service display name error wasn't particularly
    F Debug log file not mandatory when Debug Logging is checked
    F Could not open Dialog Debug Log when service was running
    F Right click and Service menus consistent

* 1.9.2355 build here (v1.9 GA) April 2009 
    N CPU Bindings can be entered in Base 2, 10 and 16
    N Support for upto 32 cores
    N Fail detection: forces hard limit on number of restarts
    N GUI size and location remembered
    N --create CLI arguments: nochecks, stopped, replace
    N Service menu includes Import, Export, Export All
    N Right click menu duplicates Service menu functionality
    I Tested with Windows 7
    I Window styles now enforced on apps that refuse to accept
      style during sub-process creation
    I Updated support email address to integrate with Kayako
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Installer no longer keeps persistent variables
    I Installer integrates with FAQ, Videos, Up2Date
    F When installing service with duplicate name, original
      service would be stopped first
    F Service menu shortcuts would disappear

* 1.9.2339 build here (v1.9 GA) February 2009
    N Action context specific menus and buttons
    N Debug log contains detailed OS, CPU and RAM info
    N Help/About/Details contains detailed OS, CPU and RAM info
    N Includes daeMON v0.07
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Updated EULA + README
    F Wrong app might be launched if ambiguous filename provided
    F Crash when importing XML via CLI with Environment section

* 1.9.2325 build here (v1.9 GA) January 2009
    N Can set User Defined Scheduled Restart (by second)
    N Debug log now contains system info
    N All GUI options now in File -> Options dialog
      - Enable/disable splash screen
      - Enable/disable service filtering
      - Set GUI refresh interval 
      - Enable/disable version checking
    I Manual updates / corrections
    F Some menu items didn't have text descriptions
    F OEM --configure didn't create all registry keys
    F Debug log output formatting issues

* 1.9.2311 build here (v1.9 GA) November 2008
    N Full and web installers (MSI / EXE) available
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Updated digital signatures

* 1.9.2310 build here (v1.9 GA) October 2008
    N GUI displays PID and Memory of all running services
    N GUI columns sortable
    N Can edit multiple builtin services simultaneously
    I GUI service refresh much smoother
    I Debug/stderr/stdout logs force flushed and can be opened
      whilst service is running
    I Remove "Pro" specific menu items from OEM GUI
    I When searching for themes if FIREDAEMON_HOME not defined
      use HKLM InstallationDir instead
    I Verbiage in default skin corrected
    I --uninstall-all reports how many services were removed
    I Updated EULA + README
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Web based + monolithic EXE/MSI installers available
    F When updating built in service GUI didn't refresh
    F Some CLI commands returned incorrect ERRORLEVEL
    F Minor memory leak in GUI when closing Service dialog
    F GUI created incorrect HKLM reg key during version check
    F GUI right-click -> Restart didn't work for builtin services
    F Pre/Post Events leaked ACE when run as a specific user
    F GUI crash during refresh when installing service via CLI

* 1.9.2296 build here (v1.9 GA) August 2008
    N Can edit all builtin Windows services
    N Support for Service Control Manager Recovery options
    N DEP/NX support for WinXP SP3, Vista SP1 and Server 2008
    N Right click menu on service list (Edit/Start/Stop/Restart/Delete)
    N GUI and CLI skinnable (icons, logos, text)
    N --export-all CLI option
    N --import-all CLI option
    N --create CLI option
    N --start-all-automatic CLI option
    N --status CLI option
    N All CLI commands return ERRORLEVEL
    N Can scheduled restart at specific time
    N Automatic (Delayed Start) startup mode (Vista, 2008 only)
    N Service PID and Memory Usage displayed in main UI
    N Added Task Manager to File menu
    N Upon Program Exit now has Reboot option
    I Warnings emitted to EventLog if debug and stderr/stdout
      cannot be opened or written to
    I Text fields do not reset positionally when GUI looses focus
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Services names now accepted with - and _
    I Autostart automatic services on import
    I Updated logos/icons
    I NT4 no longer supported
    I Updated EULA + README
    I Build environment prepared for open sourcing
    F  was not imported from XML
    F Graphics / text alignment on splash screen
    F Operating system incorrectly reported in Help/About/Details

* 1.9.2251 build here (v1.9 GA) August 2007 (Repackage only)
    I Manual updates / corrections
    F MSI ICE fixes
    F MSI update CLSID incorrect

* 1.9.2251 build here (v1.9 GA) July 2007
    N Installer repackaged for Vista Certification
    N Includes daeMON v0.05
    N MSI (Microsoft Installer) also available
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Updated EULA + README
    F Shortcuts wouldn't install on NT4

* 1.9.2251 build here (v1.9 GA) February 2007
    N Includes daeMON v0.04
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Compatibility updates for integration with Trinity
    I Updated EULA + README
    I Hyperlink changes in Help/About
    F On Microsoft Cluster Server, Pre-Launch delays in
      conjunction with SMF timeouts could cause app to be
      terminated before it had completely initialised causing
      abnormal failover hence monitoring thread only starts
      _after_ monitoring interval has elapsed
    F Help -> About -> System Info didn't work on Vista
    F Dependencies drop down list incorrect height on Win2K
    F Some CLI commands without args would cause a crash
    F Dependencies Tab tab order corrected
    F Invalid entrypoint found when run on NT4

* 1.9.2246 build here (v1.9 GA) January 2007
    N Works with Vista
    N MSI based installer for use with Group Policy and Vista
    N Restart all option (CLI option: --restart-all, GUI button)
    N Updated digital signatures
    N Dependencies placed in dropdown lists for easy addition
    N CLI product registration (--register)
    I Compatibility updates for integration with Trinity
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I New warnings when installing interactive services with
      limited privileges
    I Dependent services now started/restarted
    I UI refresh optimisation
    I CLI text formatting
    I Tidied up generated XML
    I Included process flap logging in debug logs
    I Updated EULA + README
    F Executable resources incorrect
    F Applying license key sometimes doesn't restart all services
    F Process was not restarted when flap detection and scheduling
      were both enabled
    F Services installed via CLI now appear in GUI
    F Ignore Control Flag options transposed in GUI
    F Could instantiate multiple GUIs in trial mode
    F Scheduled restart and monitoring could collide resulting in
      duplicate process spawn   

* 1.9.2203 build here (v1.9 GA) June 2006
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Better error message when installing service with
      duplicate display name
    I Graceful shutdown includes WM_ACTIVATE message to better
      support wxWidgets apps
    I Built against latest internal tool versions
    F Domain browsing sometimes didn't fill in AD domain name
    F Dialog Response Builder didn't save when no Title
      or Content specified
    F Could close GUI whilst waiting on user response
* 1.9.2199 build here (v1.9 GA) April 2006
    I Manual updates / corrections
    I Scheduled start and end dates now sequential
    F DLLs included for NT4 functionality
    F Popup blocking could not be disabled once enabled
    F Pre/Post service executable browsing chopped characters
    F Starting/stopping named interactive services eventually
      exhausted desktop ACE quota

* 1.9.2196 build here (v1.9 GA) March 2006
    F  XML attribute not accepted via CLI

* 1.9.2195 build here (v1.9 GA) March 2006
    I Updated readme.txt, license.txt
    I Additional graceful shutdown events
    I Manual updates / corrections
    F Stderr in Stdout checked with no file name blocked output

* 1.9.2192 build here (v1.9 GA) January 2006
    F GUI services would not stop
    F Multiple empty dialog responses could be entered

* 1.9.2190 build here (v1.9 GA) January 2006
    N Updated warning.txt, readme.txt, license.txt
    N New logos
    N New button on Evaluation dialog
    N Process IDs included in debug logs
    I Pre/Post executables run at same priority as main process
    I Default for Ignore Control flags is now Both
    I Minor text changes on Pre/Post tab
    I Append logs now clears debug, stdout and stderr logs
    I Account search for logon
    I Complete overhaul of Pre/Post execution (see manual)
    I Support for NT Authority\NetworkService and LocalService
    I Add/Remove Programs textual updates
    I Manual updates
    F OEM --configure didn't create Control registry key
    F Double clicking responses in Dialogs tab didn't work
    F Dialogs tab Frequency allowed out of bounds values
    F Debug logging caused failure on WinNT/2K (VS05 bug)
    F Post services never ran if main process was hung/crashed
    F Couldn't import XML if executable didn't exist 
    F Removed null/orphaned empty Pre/Post definitions when
      upgrading from v1.6
    F Post service events no longer killed at logoff
    F Possible to create services with punctuation via XML
    F Tool tips not present on Pre/Post tab
    F Reloading XML causes multiple Pre/Post definitions