Find and Recover FireDaemon Order Details and License Keys

You can attempt to recover your order details and license keys for FireDaemon software products via the methods below. We can generally recover orders placed via Cleverbridge or 2Checkout in the last 10 years. Historical orders via eSellerate cannot be recovered. Latest software installers can be downloaded via the website.

Check Your Inbox

Please check your email inbox and spam filter for any order emails from our eCommerce providers (e.g. or 

Use Cleverbridge's Purchase Lookup

You can also look up your purchase history using your email address via the Cleverbridge Purchase Lookup portal. 

Contact Us

If you cannot locate your license key email or find it on the portal, or if you never received it, we can resend your invoice and license entitlements. 

Submit a ticket and provide as much detail as possible including:
  • FireDaemon Serial Number Name and Serial Number Name
  • Email address used to place the order
  • Your name or company name used to place the order
  • Cleverbridge or 2Checkout Reference Number
  • When you originally placed the order
  • Credit card statement imprint details.